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Torqueboards 6355 motor torture

So I may have fucked up and used my motor as a 5th wheel for about 1.5km and got it wet a few weeks ago and broke a magnet some how

:fearful: wow

I’ve floored a Tacon for a couple feet (maybe 20-50), but it began making a very distinct screeching noise, so I noticed before it got too beaten up.


Shitty canadian roads heh

dayuuuuum! draggin’ ass…there’s laws against that, in NY. I heard that magnet shrapnel was the cause of a major traffic jam which led to quite a few cold hipster food deliveries. NJEV was very upset.

wait your in canada too?!?

yup, Montreal

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nice, im in southern ontario, barrie in the weeks and london on the weekends.

so moment i put the power on and apply power it binds up and makes really bad scraping sounds.

im going to remove the magnet bit i push back into place and if that doesnt work i’ll show it to my master corporal and see what he says (havent got to motors and batteries in class yet.)

You were able to fix your motor? Where did you get the magnet?

I was lazy and just ordered a new one.

I wouldnt be shocked if those motors would still work even if you just removed that broken part… wouldnt be ideal but most of it is there

i didnt get one i just pushed all the broken parts back in to place.

with the new mount my motor is behaving so it looks like im in the clear but we’ll see.

its kill guys. need 20

it hurts just looking at the pics

Y u do this?!

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sooo yeah im looking for a new 63mm motor, 6355 or 6312 or 6374

so ima get a g160 because all the sk3’s are out of stock.

has anyone else used a g160? How are they?

Have you tried removing the broken bits and running it? I bet it will still work unless I missed something in this thread.

3 days ago i fused the stator the to rotor