TorqueBoards 6355 Spinning Shaft/Deformed Aluminum Bell

Hi All,

Has anyone ever experienced the outer part of their motors deforming around the shaft and leading to the shaft basically free spinning? I I’m only running on one of my dual motors right now because of this, and even on that one, the aluminum part of the rotor that sits in the flat spot of the shaft is pretty deformed as well, and it’s only a matter of time before the shaft starts spinning and I have no functioning eBoard.

Here’s a few pics (didn’t want to take the motors off) of what’s going on:

I hope @torqueboards gets back to me soon (I’ve done their livechat last week and emailed them today) before the other one breaks all the way.

I have my “Max ERPM at full brake” set to Vedder’s default of 1500, maybe that could be lower…

Hey, Please PM us with your order number.

We’ll replace all motors that suffer this issue.

Unfortunately, we were trying to make things “easier” more simple but for some people it seems to have deformed.

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@mccloed Have you seen this post?

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