TorqueBoards ABEC adapters balanced

Ok so, Im looking for some tips here. Ive installed the TorqueBoards abec wheel adapters on their 97mm wheels. If I spin these on the truck the gear doesn’t spin evenly. What is the trick to this, I’ve loosed, tightened, tried to eyeball them and its driving me insane. Or does it even matter if they have some unevenness or wobble?

It matters. It can cause your belts to walk off the gear if not true. Or rub on things they shouldn’t.

Bolt on pulleys are a pain… Sometimes I can get it first try, sometimes I try a dozen times and give up and try again tomorrow.

What I usually do is get all the bolts in finger tight. Then I wrench each one down untill its just barely touching the washer on the outside of the wheel. And then jump back and forth like you’re putting a car tire on tightening each one down bit by bit until it feels tight and spin straight. Over tightening compresses the urethane though so dont over do it.

Ok that makes sense, I torqued them done pretty hard.

I’ve also just tried putting the pulley on a different wheel. It probably doesn’t actually do anything but ive tried 10 times on one wheel then tried a different wheel and got it first try… probably just luck lol.

I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one that struggles with this lol! I just took it off and redid it again and still same thing.

Yeah i only use bolt on pulleys on one board now.
Most my pulleys are press fit with a bearing. Even the only bolt on pulleys i have run a bearing now. Makes it waaay easier to get true.

Ok so I gave up on those, I think the wheels themselves are not balanced or the core is weird. (TorqueBoards 97MM) so I pulled out my 107 ABECs, drilled them out, and they are perfectly true when spun. Dont know whats up with that.

Oh yeah. When i had tb bolt on pulleys i only used 3 bolts not 6. Made things easier. Held fine