Torqueboards battery case broke - DIY repair

So the inevitable happened and the case finally broke around one of the mounting holes. I had read a few posts in the past about this happening so I made sure to use a washer and not over tighten the the bolts… especially since I had a blank deck with a decent concave. Honestly tho i feel it was just a bad day where i had the bolt a little more snug than usual and I just rode down a shit part of NYC probably a hair faster than i should have… with that said heres how i made a quick fix!

In retrospect I have another case coming and may just “bullet proof” it before hand laying a full bar down the entire length and never have to worry.

  • Parts are some aluminum bar from home depot. Its like $2.50 for a few feet and cuts easily with sheet metal shears if you have them (which i did) or i guess you could use a dremel or hacksaw.
  • #6 screws
  • Some mesh screen if you have it… and I used E6000 glue, but any heavy duty glue should work…

first i cut a strip to span over the broken spot… drill a couple holes for the screw to come up through the bottom to hold the bar in place. Another option would be to drill only the hole for the case and glue the bar down…i was in a hurry and couldnt wait for glue to cure… 1024181210_HDR

bottom view 1024181212_HDR

then i cut a small bit of mesh for reinforcement and spread in some more craft glue and let that start to dry… a heat gun can help speed up the process a hair BUT youll still want to wait a while for it to harden… 1024181627_HDR

then re drill a hole through the mesh… and add your gasket piece back in… I didnt take any more pics but its what you expect it to look like. A little black duct tape and you wont see the aluminum bar up top.

As mentioned next time… or maybe even for this one… i may just go back and add 2 pieces of bar length wise down the case and glue them… and file off the edges to make it look like its meant to be there… and the case will never crack again.

Happy repairs!


It’s gonna break it’s always gonna break I got a custom enclosure for my board but sadly the battery power switch stopped working