Torqueboards diy electric skateboard 6374 Motor

This is an Almost New 63mm 6374 Electric skateboard motor EXTRA TORQUE AND POWER from torque boards and it works great but I’m in a bit of a money punch right now. I got this about 2 weeks ago and was really looking to start using it but I need to pay rent payments. 13%20PM 20%20PM 25%20PM Please message me with any questions about the item. This item can be shipped out next day and is 100% as advertised in working order. Thanks for looking and god bless! :slight_smile:

Your posts need price + location

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Can we also add that you probably shouldn’t be spending $100+ on esk8 motors if you’re tight on rent.

Unless you’re planning on sleeping on the board

Nothing beats plywood, maple, and bamboo to sleep on?