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i forget what we decided about these posts. I’m a terrible mod, to be honest. hey @treenutter come sniff this one.


I realize it’s emotional, feel free to delete it.

@Menjos we categorically delete posts that are about customer service issues between a single customer and vendor. As you note, folks end up using the forum to vent rather than share useful information.

However, we encourage members to share feedback about design and strengths\weaknesses of the components we use for esk8. Perhaps you can edit your post and title to reflect your opinions about the design instead of the customer service challenge? If not, we’ll delete it. I encourage you to edit so that we can learn from your observation of the design. Pics help!

Per our guideline here:

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I honestly think this is a reasonable post. He is not being hostile, just exposing the truth. If TB doesn’t want this kind of publicity they shouldn’t treat customers this way, period.


@longhairedboy ya man lemme take a look.

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Iv never had any problems with torqueboards/,but keep seeing these problems with the hub motors,just sounds like a bad product! Any links to threads from people that fixed the issues and have them running smooth? I’m sure it would help others out!

yeah ok. Looks good to me from that angle.

@Menjos yeah man post pics and point out the flaws. You’ll be golden.

And thanks for sharing.


@GrecoMan I agree that it’s a reasonable post and not hostile, but whether it’s the “truth” is another story. I’m not accusing anyone of lying! However, just as there are vendors that don’t always follow through appropriately, there are also customers that present their situation in a way that skews the situation. In cases like this it is easy for a customer to “bash” a vendor without warrant because they made mistake, want a free repair, bought the wrong part, etc. So we try to keep discussion just to the facts about parts and products.

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Thanks guys I understand your point. I’m going to edit the post and turn it into something constructive.


@Menjos - Please let me know your order number, email and ticket number. If your reason is valid and isn’t due to installation issues. We will credit you.

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3169, thanks for your help.

This is what it looked like, every single thread was fully eroded and the bolts falling out one by one. I have in the meantime redrilled 4 of the 6 holes from M3 to M4 with the help of a professional, holding up fine so far.

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Couple magnets needed glue

I’ve bought from Torqueboards twice. In total I think I’ve bought 3x VESC, 1x dual 75KV hubmotors, 1x Vedder switch, trucks and a single motor mount.

In my experience, their “customer service” on the chat is much more of a selling team than a support team. If you want to know something because you might buy it, they’ll have the answer within a couple of minutes.

When my package got lost for about two weeks it was impossible for me to get the CS to file a claim with USPS. There was a lot of chatting back and forth with long delays between messages(hours in the chat) on their part and it ultimately didn’t help. They were not willing to do anything. They didn’t tell me to wait and contact them again, they just stalled.

I would write a message and they would ask me questions that I’ve already answered in the previous one.

That was incredibly infuriating and that experience have ensured that I will do my best to not buy from them again. If a competitor offers a similar product, even at a higher price I will most likely buy from the competitor instead. The risk of having to deal with their CS in case something goes wrong is just not worth it.

In this forum a lot of people recomend that you contact Dexter directly instead of going through their CS. After having some trouble with my hubs on delivery I did just that and got some help from him, which was very nice and I believe I fixed it! Don’t know yet since I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet. But how that motor passed quality control when a simple turning of the wheel would have revealed it was faulty is beyond me.

As soon as I picked it up and turned it I knew it was a faulty unit. Since I’m an avid user of this forum I also know that “all technology here is experimental” and one should be expected to fix it yourself. But still, even basic QC should be standard.

That was 2-3months ago and I have no hard feelings towards Dexter or anything. It’s just a company I’d prefer not to have to deal with if I can avoid it.

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And tell Dexter you love him, he likes to hear that. Especially from total strangers across chat windows. That’s one of his favorites.


@UniqueSnowflakeN27 Thanks for your feedback. It’s appreciated.

Live Chat is definitely not a troubleshooting support desk.

I’ll work towards checking how we can improve Order Related - Shipping Delivery & Issues.

@longhairedboy Only like it when you say it. :heart_eyes:


its also great for expressing my affections for you.

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Almost 2 months and still waiting for Support to get back to my images and videos with the issues I had with my motora… Then they ask me if I am satisfied with my service and if they can close my ticket out.

Be careful when buying electronics they will dangle their support over your head if you try to dispute or request a refund if you have issues

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@Enigmacpl03 - You aren’t the original owner of those motors. You said there’s a lot of play in the motor shaft? I’m assuming it’s left/right movement. I’d tighten your set screws on the end of the motor and make sure the front cir-clip is engaged/tight. Other then that from your previous description that’s what your issue is?