Torqueboards Hub Motor Review

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Nice… Yeah, the orange wheels on the hub motors do get much dirtier than the standard wheels. The urethane is not exactly the same as the wheels but it also has to be a harder duro. The 90mm black wheels should be available soon. They should be a better urethane but not sure exactly yet. Can’t wait for the 90s. :slight_smile: I’ll look into offering the 83mm black in the future.

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Yes the duct tape mount was sketchy at best :joy:. When the new deck is finished and the electronics are swapped to 6s then we’ll make a real enclosure

great review. I don’t know i’ve ever kept bushings or bearings on any complete (unless let me specify when building). i always end up tweaking bushings, and bearings are always being cleaned and replaced w/ better…

Not sure that’s a con really. Look forward to seeing v2 and black thane options!

What was the motor temperature. Any urethane slippage like other motors? Also what was your battery voltage.?

I didn’t take exact measurements for temp, but I would say around 140 Fahrenheit. No slippage, It’s held in place by a bunch of screws. Battery voltage was about 3.7 per cell when finished. We started at 3.9 though, only went about a mile.

By voltage i meant 6s, 10s?

3s… we still need to soldier connectors on to make it 6s

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this motor has come to a quick end… Got home from a trip in Monterey and the board immediately had problems. We had gone on 2 runs, never took it on rough terrain and made very sure to stay away from anything that could damage the motor or the electronics. With 8-9 total miles on it of normal use, it now makes this sound every time it spins:

Have contacted @torqueboards about this, currently trying to figure out a way to fix it. I’ll let everyone know how this works out.

looks like it can hit a good speed still, think it might just be a screw or other metal object stuck inside.

Actually it doesn’t reach same top speed as it did before, it blanks out and won’t engage after a certain MPH is hit.

It sounds like something is loose or dragging. I’ve probably gone about 60-75 miles on my hub motors and they are still kicking. Try and follow the sound.

Did the set screws come loose when you were riding? I’d check the end connectors and wiring first. If there’s nothing wrong and your positive. You can possibly try and open it up and check.

sounds like small debris lodged between the stator and rotating can. Should be a fairly easy fix.

@Anorak234 - Let us know if you took it apart and how it is.

UPDATE: took a little while since I’ve been working on my own build, but today I finally got the chance to take this thing apart and see what was up. One of the magnets on the side was out of place, hitting the wiring every time the motor rotated. Took it out, went and got some epoxy, fixed it up.

Glad that it’s working, much smoother now as well. My friend who was not too happy before is now very much looking forward to riding again. I’m sure that this problem was not very common, it seems that where the magnet was just needed a little more epoxy, not a big deal at all.


Any sense of how it works at very low speeds - say 1-2 mph? (I’m trying to make an electric walker for a 96-year-old guy - think of it as a very wide electric board, with handrails. Needless to say, he’s not going to be tooling down the street at 20mph :-). I’m wondering about how a pair of these motors stand up at slow speeds - adequate torque, heating, power consumption. Anything you can share from your experience? Thanks!

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At 3s the motor gets hot very quickly, stutters a little bit at start and has decent torque. At 6s it takes a little while to heat up, stutters less at start and has decent torque. For both voltages the motor is exceptionally speedy though - honestly the best way to go slow for your application is to use a 15mm belt system with 3s, 145kv motors, and a 12:42 gear ratio. Great torque, and top speed is 4 mph

Thanks for the hands on and very specific advice!

I was intrested in a single drive hub motor do you happen to know the best for this use? I feel like hubs arent better than belt drives but I think for travel they are easier to carry with my modular pack

@willpark16 The best option IMO for the torqueboard hubs is single 90mm black w/ 6-10s setup