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Torqueboards is now selling hubs


@torqueboards has hubs up for preorder.


looks exactly like the one I posted from aliexpress:

direct link:

Edit: funny how they seem to not be available anymore for order and vanished from the hobbytech shop overview. Maybe someone has a deal going on with them? :wink:


They look exactly the same, except a lot cheaper. If that’s the case, are torqueboard’s hubs a total rip off? Or am i missing details that make torqueboard’s hubs superior?

well he is including wheels and trucks. Plus he gives you warranty and customer service.
My guess is they are the same motors but price is always hard to compare when you deal directly with the manufacturer in china or a shop in the US

TB is selling his with the 3-2 other wheels and trucks, aliexpress is only the motor

These hub motors are upgraded from the ones you see on Aliexpress. Original one has a stator of about 20mm width if I remember correctly. The new one is 30mm in width so it’s a bigger stator which means more power.

But yes, you would get our warranty and customer service.

Coming next week we’ll be more active once again. So count on a new website and more products coming soon as well as better support :slight_smile: We’ll be revamping a lot.

Any questions feel free to let us know.


Good to know, i don’t trust the aliexpress hubs anyway and would have never purchased them. nice to clear things up, thanks TB

Would the 75 or 130 KV have more torque if I don’t care about top speed?
I can make whatever battery pack would be ideal

75KV would have more torque. 130KV for 6S. Although, you could go 12S on 130KV too for more top speed.

I’ll have more testing and videos soon. Originally, I wanted a 90mm option but still debating on it.

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90mm would be nice, feels nicer to ride on.

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Lol ur the best @delta_19

You know how to announce new shit!!!

I have a lot of free time, I can think it through


My favs are your Hobby King buys lol go go go F’ing go go go lol funny shit

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Who’s gonna buy and do a review …?

That’s the question!

107mm wheels on 90kv motors would be nice!:rolling_eyes:…someone should do that

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What’s there to debate ?? 90mm is the only right size, these 83mm have very little urethane…and 90mm could solve it :slight_smile:

The fact that they don’t let you order them anymore makes me a little bit suspicious…
@torqueboards Did you make a deal with the manufacturer?

I’ll try and get the 90mm size. I like 90mm too :slight_smile:

@philipp Yes, they should not be selling it anymore. I personally like the use of the axle nut locking the hub motor into the axle versus other designs.

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gotta keep in mind that these 107mm wheels weigh at least a pound of two. I visited the dudes at Eglide last weekend and they had the 107mm Abecs and dear god, they are insane! I feel like they may theoretically reach a higher speed, but they’ll take forever to get there.

I have some in my hands rigth now :upside_down: …and yeah they are heavy bastards!