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Torqueboards is now selling hubs

fuhhh :open_mouth: have you used them on your board yet? I have 90mm clones and really wish I just got 83mm wheels for my 149kv set up

Never used, but I terminated my two new 149kv’s to WYE~90kv already^^

Hey guys…

I can do 90mm wheels. Any preference in color?

I like the black on black. :slight_smile:


I was just ordering all the parts for my next build but now you stole the wheels. I like the design too and they fit the trucks I already bought, while being very stealthy.
When will single ones be available and what’s your price+shipping costs to switzerland?

I like black wheels :spy:

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@philipp - They are better now then they were before. :slight_smile: Free shipping over $300 and so pretty much free shipping. Now, you get a 90mm wheel, bigger stator + black on black.

@Nordle - I’ll probably go 90mm black on black. That’s what I wanted too. I might be willing to go a second color if people show interest.

Why did you make an exclusive if you made them better, there’d be no need for it. (see hummie)

I actually wanted to get them in 83mm for a smaller build and without trucks and without wheels, just the motor+urethane.
The motor was 155$ shipped before, now I cant get it under 300$.

If you want just the hub motor, you can buy just the hub motor from us.

product/torque-single-hub-motor-90mm/ $155 Single Hub Motor only. 90mm Black wheels.

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@Nordle 107mm on 70kv with massive stators see @jacobbloy :

What is the durometry on that urethane?

@Lizardking0069 90a duro for the hub motor wheels.

@torqueboards +1 for black!

Don’t care about colour I can just dye it. I just want test videos. Can duel climb hills? How hot do they get? VIDEOS PLEASE

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90A duro seems kind of harsh. Why not 80a or even 78a?


Thanks for adding the listing!

+1 for orange wheels and black trucks

Or orange wheels and blue trucks like the pic

90mm replaced the 83mm? Or will 83mm be available as well?

He has my motors too but I think we need a nonpartisan test and I’ll race him with thermometers! Thermodual

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I’ll post videos when I get the latest ones with the better stator.

@zeno - I might be able to offer the 83mm option if you really want it.

@Lizardking0069 - I’ll see if I can get it down more. Will let you know.