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TorqueBoards Modular Enclosures

What do you guys think? Would you use it?

I want to make the design look a bit better but I’d have to widen the mounting holes or the entire enclosure in general.

I’m been tossing around a new idea to make more modular enclosures which would make it easier to do the following:

  • Quick ability to remove the enclosure.
  • Work with multiple different setups.
  • Easy to install.

You can see the current design of the enclosure. On the right side is the stand alone electronics enclosure.

  • Electronics Enclosure - The electronics enclosure is meant to fit (2) 12S ESCs or (1) 12S ESC. It’s also meant to fit the receiver and on/off switch if needed.
  • Battery Enclosure - There are a few different enclosures which I’m planning on creating for which would be… 2x3S LiPo, 2x6S LiPo, EPOWER Pack 6S2P, EPOWER Pack 10S3P, EPOWER Pack 12S3P.

Current Sizes *EPOWER Pack Dimensions aren’t set in stone yet. Will know more soon.

- 2x3s Length = 7” or 180mm Width = 5.5” or 145mm Height = 1.20” or 30mm - 2x6s Length = 7” or 180mm Width = 5.5” or 145mm Height = 2” or 55mm - EPOWER Pack 6S2P Length = 9.84” or 250mm Width = 5.5” or 145mm Height = 1.18” or 30mm - EPOWER Pack 10S3P Length = 15” or 380mm Width = 5.5” or 145mm Height = 1.18” or 30mm - EPOWER Pack 12S3P Length = 20” or 510mm Width = 5.5” or 145mm Height = 1.18” or 30mm

Mounting The Enclosure Ideally, we would use #6 bolts and/or M4 bolts.

We can bolt it down almost snug. Push it to the side and lift up.

Waterproofing weather strips.


There would definitely be a market for that, it wouldn’t work for me but if it did I would look in to it

Those are pretty cool!
I like the modular idea. It will work for a lot of folks. In fact, it would make it super easy for someone to use it as a guide for their build. "Battery goes here, Vescs go there and BAM!! (sorry for the gross oversimplification) For me, the enclosure is one of those things that you think of designing last. After all of the other parts have been spec’d out, you gotta find a way to make it all come together.
Are you going to consider designing some thermal vents into these enclosures?
I plan on working my board like a rented mule, so heat dissipation is one of my first concerns!!

Yeah, I think it’s a much cleaner setup and makes it much easier to open if needed. I’m pretty sure it can be semi-tight and still push forward/back without needing to keep screwing the bol into the deck open and closed.

The smaller electronics enclosure works for me since it’s not too often that you’ll open the electronics enclosure again. You can fit a single or dual ESC in the enclosure and it’s only 1" in height.

I want to add thermal vents but I most likely won’t. The enclosure will be completely sealed except for the wire holes.

You can always cut it out. I’ll be using it to mount an on/off switch at times for LiPo setups but it will be closed and the user would have to cut a circle for the on/off switch.

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Im going to need one of those 12s3p enclosures ASAP!