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Hi guys!

I im having problem with my motor saying that FAULT_CODE_OVER_TEMP_MOTOR i solved it by doing like this guy

And i really belive that diyelectricskateboard sent me a bad motor because when i recived it it had a loosegoosy wire flying in mid air: i sent them instant mail back in may and got no awnser now 4 months later when im finally finishing my build and connecting it to escape i get the FAULT_CODE_OVER_TEMP_MOTOR on one of the motors. And trust me i did test with both and i am sure that i got a bad motor from them.

How to solve this properly? Feels weird just to have a pin unplugged…

And diyelectricskateboard isn’t much help at al since they are saying that the motor is technically out of warranty and that i have to pay shipping from me and back to me which from where i live it is expensive as fk. Only the shipping i could buy 4 motors…

Sent first messeage in may and now they got back in touch with me since i had to make a new ticket this is really frusrating me since they said This motor is technically out of warranty…

Typically I have found diy electric to have excellent customer service. pm them on here. @torqueboards

We’re currently in contact with you but you’ll need to follow our instructions in our ticket so we can help you further.

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I miss our chats @torqueboards, but everything I bought from you two years ago still works :+1:


Had the same problem with my tb 6355. Removed the pin and it’s all good! Maybe same batch?

Had the same problem, was a broken sensor wire… Running sensorless now.