TorqueBoards motor mount comes loose

My tourqueboards motor mount comes loose every time tighten it, I put thread locker on like several times, but still comes loose. Any suggestions

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Which part is coming loose for you? What hex tools are you using?

Loktite needs 24 hours to cure it it’s almost worthless.

Try using a C Clamp to hold the motor clamp in place.

Mark the set screw position and then drill an 1/8 deep with the proper size bit, put the hanger clamp back in place and secure with clamp, appl loktite to the set screws and install, tighten down the bolt and nut in the collar using a torque bar on your wrench…then leave it for a day.

If you don’t correctly it will never move.

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heatshrink is the best imo

It is the part that contacts the trucks, the set screws are not coming loose, they are pretty tight, it’s just that the set screws aren’t gripping the trucks. I tried putting thin sheet metal strips under the set screws to let it grip better but no luck, still moves.

Might have to do that, do you have any pics?

I have the same issue. I have used red thread locker and torqued them down. And everytime they come loose.

What’s that?

Glad to know I’m not the only one lol, it’s a pain!


Jb weld it


Story of my life lol I need to try what @mmaner said but damn my enertion mounts didn’t require all these extra steps

If you torque them down enough, you shouldn’t have to use even locktite.

I use no locktite, no heatshrink.

I dog them out trying to loosen them. Just make sure you pin them to one corner.


I do not have the same mount, but I was thinking It might be that you tighten opposite set screws equally, then they are making sort of a pivot point. Try tightening only two screws that are 90deg to each other, and let the mount land on the truck hanger surface where the two other set screws are placed. Dont know if this will work, but it might be worth a shot

This is exactly how I installed my mounts. But the set screws dig into the truck and become loose. Every time.

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damn son! time to really commit and weld it down!

I had this issue with another mount a long time ago, I ended up using a short set grub screw, then a hex bolt on top of it so it kinda acts like a jam nut


put a piece of heatshrink over the hanger, then the mount over that


Today i after a 8km ride i noticed that my mount was loose, the screw had not moved but the truck material had worn down. Ended up tightening the bolts even more and for now its all good. But if it comes loose again i will use JB-weld…


Happening to me too.

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Exactly what happened with mine

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I guess it all comes down to the hardness of the truck material, if it gives in easily, the mount will always become loose after a while. What trucks do you guys have this problem on?