Torqueboards motor mount slipping on caliber trucks

I’ve used the shrink tube that was sent with the mounts. I’ve since replaced it with some clear, slightly thicker tube after cleaning the truck thoroughly with alcohol. I’ve read about dust getting between the mount and thought this would fix it.
I’ve changed the bolts (dual setup) to some that don’t strip so easy and really put a ton of torque into it with a quality T-handle wrench.
After every ride it slips just a little so the belt touches the wheel.

Any suggestions? I’d rather not loctite them, but if that’s the only route, which would hold up to the forces?

Which clamps do you have? With or out the slot?

With, like a modified C.

ok so thats the older style. I used two or three wraps of electrical tape on the truck under the clamp and that solved my issue.

I’ve had to use a torque bar (piece of half inch pipe about a foot and a half long) on the end if the Allen wrenches to really torque the clamp down. That’s done it for me.

Also, I used loktite…really, use loktite…not sure if I should reiterate that it not but for the same of doing my due diligence…


I’ve heard of people putting a bead if JB Weld under the clamp, then tightening it and letting it sit for a few hours. I’ve never done it but it sounds like it would work.


Short of jb weld like @mmaner mentioned I think this would do the trick vs electrical tape or shrink


Ok. I don’t know why I’m opposed to a more permanent mount. Must be a mind hurdle.
Ok. I’ll go all in with the JB weld epoxy. Nothing a grinder can’t fix I guess! :grin:

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ya not observing curing times of loctite can lead to stuff coming off at bad times and undue suffering… sometimes ive had to ride tighten ride over and over

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Use loctite!! It will help worlds. I have a TB motor mount as well, and without loctite, my setscrews (newer mount I think) fell out. Since then, I got more setscrews and loctited them all, came loose a little after the first ride, but I tightnened down real good again and it hasn’t budged since :slight_smile:

I’m using the semi-permanent blue, but I may switch to red if this ever comes loose.

ive had plenty of issues with my TB mount. I cut a piece out of a credit card and filed it down till I could just barely fit the mount on the truck with the card between it and the truck on the flat part of the truck. The scew comes a little loose maybe once a month but never loose enough to affect performance. I just check it every once and a while and havent had an issue with slippage since

not sure why you don’t want to use loctite. If you use loctite blue the way it is supposed to be used, it will do its job and keep your bolts tight and you will be able to remove your bolts when you buy another mount as well. Honestly that is your best choice. Just make sure you let it cure and don’t go too nuts with applying it.

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I don’t think the bolt is loosening, it still takes a lot to remove it, and loctite there wouldn’t be a problem. The mount slips along the truck when tight. I didn’t want to use loctite or JB weld or anything permanent because there is no mechanical way to remove it for adjustment, maintenance, or rebuild.

However I think a more permanent bond is the way to go now. I’m a little tired of readjusting after every ride.

loctite is not permanent :slight_smile:

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just weld it