TorqueBoards motor mount threading

Ok so sad moment, I just installed my new Torqueboards 6374 190kv motors and found one screw hole is actually smaller than the others. I think it was drilled and threaded wrong from the factory. I’m debating on if I should find a smaller screw, drill and rethread this, or send it back? I tried to force the screw in before I realized that its not the same size. I did make sure it’s mounted correctly.


Pull the motor off the mount and try to thread the screw into the hole. That’ll prove whether it’s really smaller or if there’s a slight alignment issue. I’ve found its best to start the screw in each hole and once you have all 4 started then tightening them down.

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I did try to do that, when the motor is off its very apparent its not drilled and threaded correctly. In fact, there is 4 outside wide holes, which I’m using for this mount (also Torque boards kit), and 4 smaller diameter inside holes. This particular motor in that corner its like the inside and outside holes were reversed when drilled. I can take it off and take better pictures. Id really like to avoid sending the motor back if possible. Also, I dont want to half ass things. Ive heard people only using 4 screws to mount a motor but it seems like this is a bad idea? Would anyone know the size of the inner threaded screws and a good place to grab one. Its only slightly smaller.

Here you can see the threads cutting into the hole from me trying to force it. 20190822_210014

Actually the more I look at this I think it just wasn’t threaded.

Yep: Threaded: 20190822_210918

Not threaded: 20190822_210925

I’m really apprehensive to go to drilling and creating metal shavings on an electric motor…

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Yikes. That’s sucks.

Take the bell off, cover the stator and windings with masking or painting tape, and thread the holes. Make sure to brush off as much as possible before even trying to take off the tape

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What Sn4pz says. Torqueboards uses M4x8mm Socket Cap bolts. You’ll need the proper size tap to cut threads. If you haven’t used a tap before do some quick research to make sure you know how to do it. Nothing sucks more than breaking a tap off in the hole you’re threading.

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I have a tap set and I do believe that it has that size (I’ll have to check) and have done it before. I know I’m not excellent at it and presume this would wreck the warranty. Think I should contact diy and ship it back?

Contact them and see what they say about the warranty. I’ve bought a few motors from them, but don’t know what they offer in regard to a warranty. If it were me I’d just cut me some threads and get on with my build.


Just run 3 bolts

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Oh i dont like torque boards, i bought a vesc from them and it died before it turned my motor. Tried to return it and get a new one but they wanted $50 for a new one plus the old one back. They sent me a faulty one. Plus customer service was terrible lol