TorqueBoards Nano Receiver no light, is it damaged?

Hi everyone,

The led on the receiver has no blinking red light, does this mean that the receiver is damaged? Servo cable is wired correctly as it was working during the first few tests. Measured 5v from the middle servo and 0.5v from the ppm pin. ESC still able to spin motor using BLDC tool, no faults codes. Is there any settings in the BLDC tool affecting the components? Yet to test ride :joy::sob:

Possible cause? -Was connecting the battery to the Torque ESC (Anti-spark was connected) and there was a spark at the connectors, the receiver was connected during that spark.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Sounds like a broken receiver. Was it always broken? PM us your info and we’ll see about getting a replacement out to you.

if your antispark was connected there shouldn’t have been a spark…