TorqueBoards Nano Remote full throttle

Hi, i know there is alot of posts about this but i cant find one with my exact problem.(soory if there is a post with the same problem)

When i turn my board on without connecting the remote the motor goes full throttle until i turn it off again. If i plug out the controller reciver and turn the board on it donst do anything. if i turn on the board and connect the controller, it works fine. But when i turn off the controller the motor starts throttleing up.

i tryed everything i cound find on fail safe here on the forum but nothing works. Does anyone have an idea about what i can do? Thanks

U sure in your ppm settings its on “current no reverse” ?

and you have either just ppm or ppm and uart selected if using BT

Did you try this already?

Setting are on current no reverse and just ppm

Yeah, with no luck

Have you set up the dead band on the vesc tool?

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Set to 0,15 imageimage

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Sorry, someone will be able to explain this better than me. When you run through the app wizard you set up the parameters of your controller?

About 14 minutes in is what I mean. Pulsewidth?

If youre talking about pulsewidththen yes. But the vesc program in the video is that a new one? And will it wwork on mye old vesc

Yes it should do. It’s the new vesc tool.

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When im connected to BLDC tool and turn off the remote controller this happens


Any ideas? Will it help to buy a new reciver maybe?


Your failsafe is set wrong Pair you remote new with the trigger centered. After it should be fine

How do i pair it new? Feel like i tryed everything


Plug in your pairing brige on the receiver. Remote switched off Turn on your board Press the pairing button on the remote and hold it Than switch on your Remote still holding the pairing button. Take care that the trigger is in center position while doing this. Switch off everything When you now switch on everything, all should be good

@fredrikinn I told you how to solve it. Same thing Andy87 is mentioning to you.

@torqueboards @Andy87 tryed that 10-15 times now, still no luck :confused:

One thing I could imagine it could be too. Look in your ppm settings. Is there some break current defined in case of signal loss? Usually it would only break but look if there is written 0a

You managed?