Torqueboards pro1 kit

Hello y’all I’ve been thinking about making a electric longboard and have been reading a lot and I finally decided to make an account. I’ve been thinking of making a board using the torque boards pro1 kit with the 6374 190kv motors and 12s4p battery pack. my question is that I think it will end up being very close to the 60k erpm limit on the VESC, will this be a problem? If so would it be better to rock the 6380 170kv motors for more torque and less erpm?

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they sell it as kit with 12s and 190kV motor…so it should work together. I run only 11s on 190kV to be on the safe side ;). But should work, just don´t forget to limit your max ERPM to ±60 000

It will work fine, anyway if you think about it you can’t reach that rpm while your riding the board as you will only achieve about 85% efficiency. Just try not to full throttle with no load, although I have sometimes by accident on 12s 195kv