TorqueBoards Recplacement clamp.... uhm... >_>

So as most of you guy know TB sent out replacement clamps for all those having issues with their current ones… Now im a bit confused about the shape of the new Clamp and the contents of the bag haha…

Can anyone else figure out how to make these work >_>

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@torqueboards, Also… What address is here on the shipping lable lol? i used to live 30 mins away from the Prosper, TX address over off 75.

funny bit of info… I designed my 1st E-MTB do handle the terrain of going from a junkyard in nevada to firewheel mall xD

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Uhm, flipping one of the clamp parts doesnt work? I think the black thing is a shrink tube thing to shrink on to the threaded part of the screws. So they dont vibrate loose?

@FredrikHems how tho… it’s not even long enough to come put the other end


And this is the shape u get when u flip it lol


lol sorry - looks like you got two of the wrong pcs… Email us and we’ll send a new one out to you. [email protected]


thats what i was thinking, but i wasnt sure…

@holyman92 We’re in the North Texas Area close to Prosper/Frisco area. That’s our return address.

nice, my little brother still lives out there. I didnt know y’all were in texas haha

Moved to TX almost 1.5 years ago. We were in SF, CA area. :smile:


oh okay. thats where i thought y’all were

Just installed these with locktite, what is the heat shrink for?

what do urs look like lol

like this

lol i did get 2 of the same sides xD

I am not 100% sure, but i think you are supposed to shrink them on the threaded part of the screw, so they will act the same way as nylock nuts. @torqueboards should know?

They told me it was to place in between the hanger and the clamp to fill in any empty space. I did not use them and the clamp did bite down and grip the truck properly so there is no movement and the mounts are easy to center, no more cock eyed mounts lol

This set up is the best set up so far, for my set up though I would need longer screws and spacers to make the idlers work they don’t stick out far enough for my set up.


If I get to keep these I’m gonna try and make them for my surfrodz

I use shrink tube just like that on the old mounts. A peice goes between clamp and the hangar on the hangar faces opposite from the motors.

It seems they wouldn’t really be needed anymore with these new clamps, but they couldn’t hurt to cut long ways to open up the tube, wrap the shrink around the hangar where you are going to put the clamps so each tube opens up to line up with two faces on the hangar matching half a clamp each and clamp down over the shrink tube. They might stay on tighter this way due to the resistance of them pushing out on the clamp instead of bare metal to metal, and even provide a bit of damping for the vibrations through the mounts to the motors because of this small bit of extra resistance.

I can’t imagine these are to shrink onto the screws… Just use some blue loctite and let it cure after torquing down the clamps… Assuming these clamps are threaded.

Also, props to @torqueboards for great customer service following up like this with customers having issues with products.

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C’mon mannnn!! You were based here in San Fran and now I have to pay for the $$shipment from Texasss?? :flushed:

Lol shipping is the same pretty much anywhere in the US the main difference is the arrival time