Torqueboards Sensored 6374 (Barely Used)

Selling my Torqueboards Sensored 6374 I’m upgrading to dual 6355, and so won’t be needing this motor anymore.

I didn’t get the chance to ride with this motor too much, so it’s in very good condition, other than a couple scratches. I have however shortened the phase leads because it better fit my application (I made custom length extensions for them for my board).

Motor will be sold as is in images

I payed 150 EUR (including shipping & customs cost) to get this motor I’m asking 120 for this motor (excluding shipping cost to buyer) I’m located in Holland

Why not to go with dual 6374 since you already have one


The main reason I want dual motors is for better braking and traction, but considering I don’t need much more torque than a single 6374, and want to keep the overall board weight down, I figured dual 6355 was the better option. Dual 6374 is awesome but not entirely necessary for my needs, weight, and the fact that Holland is as flat as could be :smiley:

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you know that you will spend more money for like 100g difference or so, also theres no thing as too much torque


I like what dual motors do for braking, more than what they do for acceleration


Can i agree with that i have a single 6374 and when braking i feel that the board wants to steer to the unpowered motor because phycics and especially in cities i think dual would be better.

Yeah single motor does pull to the side slightly. I like how dual motors get rid of that

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