TorqueBoards Trampa motor mount - setup issue

Just having insane difficulty getting the HDT 450-5m timing belt onto the wheel drive. I tried the other way too… first hang on the wheel drive then try to snap it onto motor pulley… seems about 1-2 cm short no matter how hard I pry on it.

Any ideas? Others have same issue? Did you fix it… use a heat gun?

Have you tried turning the wheel similar to putting back a chain on bike? If that doesn’t work and you can’t adjust the motor mount any closer you’ll need a longer belt.

Yes, the wheel turn method, and I tried wheel turn while trying to jimmy it on with a long flat head screwdriver… no luck.

After spending $400 I have to go buy another set of belts? I will see if @torqueboards will send me larger belts than the HDT 450mm.

Not to bitch but I have gotten unlucky with motor mounts – the first set I bought from Europe I get the run around about getting a refund because the shipper didn’t include the postal code. I spent 1000’s so far and yet to ride either of my boards.

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I had 10mm bore shaft motors I ordered from which I guess was the start of my troubles because 10mm motor shaft you have to find 10mm pulley (luckily I did just find some 5m 12T 21W 10mm bore on Ebay). There are people selling PETG or 3-D printed pulleys but I think they melt.

As far as the belts, as you can see below the 450mm is too small and makes the engine shaft rub – I did even try to make the 8mm pulley into a 10mm bore but it wasn’t perfectly centered so the orbit is oblong and the pulley useless. Hopefully those on Ebay will come soon.

Regardless the 450mm is still to short and rubs on the shaft after my pulley correction via center drilling the pulley for 2mm more of diameter. I cant even pull it further back with all my strength - I don’t know if a tool like a vice would help. It’s just very tight.

I ordered a 470mm HTD belt on Amazon for a few bucks…maybe that will give the right “wiggle” room.

My two cents :slight_smile:

8mm vs. 10mm shaft shouldn’t matter. A given tooth count pulley has a set diameter that is not in relation to its center bore. Post a picture of your setup from the side without the wheel on.

Agreed see the belt has no flexibility above even with the shaft size “corrected” by me. It should be a bigger belt… maybe a 460mm to 470mm range.

@flywithgriff duh that is true lol what was i thinking…

@gogomrrobot you can try, for belts also. I wouldn’t force it if it’s tight though.

I think the 470mm belt should fit, you can move the motor, too. Even if you would manage to mount the 450mm belt with ultra high tension it could (or better would) damage the bearings of the wheel and maybe motor, too. I doubt 12T will work without idler pulley, the belt will skip on harder acceleration/brake.

I misspoke it was 15 teeth… these are the ones:

5M 10mm bore 21 belt width

This was the belt off of Amazon –

Ok 15T sounds much better :laughing: Just for fun, I took a picture comparing 15T and 12T (even with 10mm bore!), it’s soooo tiny :joy:

When I mount my belts I usually squeeze them right after the motor pulley, it’s much easier to get them on wheel pulley like that. Also don’t mount the wheel before adding the belt. It’s best when you slide the wheel inside the hanger while the belt is in the end position. On my trampa I couldn’t mount the belt without sliding the wheel. Sorry for my english, I hope you know what I mean.

And I use the same tyres (trampa treads hard compound). I love to see them on your pictures, so fresh and clean. This is how they look after about 500 kilometers / 310 miles :joy:

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I am in the quest for a decent motor mount myself. Are you still using the Torque Mount? Would you recommended?

Hi rich, Would you recommend the hard compound vs the soft on the Trampa Treads if I wish to do more asphalt than off-road? Any experience with the Primo Alpha tyres?

Yes I would go for hard compound, they have enough grip and last longer. Or you can use street tyres. I never tried the primo alpha because it is soft rubber and 2ply, the treads are 4ply.

thanks for the input.

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Sold that a while back but yes I was last year.

I am switching over to @Nowind mount on my E-MTB but it’s been a slow going re-build.