Torqueboards VESC 4.12 upgrading c18 & c26

I have 2 TB VESCs that are missing c26, and I’m guessing have 2.2uF caps on c18. I am about to buy four 4.7uF caps to replace c18 and then place an extra one in c26. Is there such a thing as too much capacitance? I’m planning on running FOC but want to make sure I’m not making it worse by adding too much capacitance if that is even a thing.

@JohnnyMeduse, @chaka, @torqueboards

Nah, there is no such thing as too much capacity specially with FOC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And you shouldn’t had any problem using this setup.

Cool, thanks for the confirmation. Will install 2 4.7uF caps on each then!

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I’m running 2x 10µF on all my VESC’s so 2x 4,7µF is totally OK.

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If your going to order some let me know! I need some as well!

I’ll try to cancel my order and add some in for you. PM me how many do you need! @JLabs

That’s fine, you don’t have to cancel it. Maybe next time

Its okay! Seriously, it’s like a $3 order, which is $2 shipping lol

Can you post the link to the correct parts? I have enertion vescs that should probably be done.

This is what I ordered,

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