TORQUEBOARDS VESC ALPHA - Official Thread (Improved VESC)


Everyone knows about the VESC. As such VESC is hands down a great platform to build upon.

Personally, I would enjoy to have a bulletproof VESC just as the 12S TorqueBoards OPTO ESC which I do sell is bulletproof. In the past, I’ve thought/been waiting on Ben to release his latest version VESC 6.0 rather than improve upon what he’s already built. From thinking about it for a few days and reading up on the VESC-X.

I do agree that we should be more pro-active in the pursuit of making the “BEST” Electric Skateboard Components. For this reason, we have quite a bit of new products coming up. We’ll be focusing on custom made electronics as well. The products will be reliable and dependable.

Most of the actual components haven’t been decided yet some of the footprint has been completed but will be adjusted if needed.

Our footprint is completely different from the VESC-X and most of the parts placement are also placed differently.

Our design will also have a heatsink with perhaps an optional fan unit which can be attached. There will be mounting holes to mount the VESCs to your setup.

We will be of course testing it. We are looking for beta testers once we get the initial design and testing in place. Your job as a beta tester will be to try and break it. I still haven’t yet decided if this will be a free test and/or a “highly discounted item”. Anyone interested please let me know.

Our main goal is to remove the issues with DRV8302 being an issue and creating a more overall stable VESC.

Price is unknown for now but we want to keep the price down.

More details on the changes will be mentioned at a later date.

Any questions, comments, suggestions or features you would like to include. Feel free to let me know.

New things at DIY

We have quite a few new things coming up at www..

  • 33" Carbon Fiber Deck (will fit 12S3P, 10S4P with a shorter/smaller sized VESC)
  • 39.5" 8ply Maple w/ 1ply Carbon Fiber (fits 12S3P, 10S4P)
  • Working on a new improved On/Off Switch for Lipo Setups.
  • New Remote with multiple features built from the ground up. (LCD Attachment as an add-on). Got quite a bit of other stuff we are still testing as well.

Is there anyway to get rif of the DRV? I think there was a thread were some student at MIT was designing an esc without a DRV. You should get in touch with him IMO.

Heres the thread

I don’t see that big of a point of doing that. Enertion is claiming that DRV problems are gone. Also Vesc 6.0 will be using the 01 variant of the DRV which is also supposed to be updated and more stable.

Pretty excited kind of makes me regret preorders the nanox remote enertion keeps pushing back

What are the major changes from a 4.12 VESC? How is this improved and more reliable? Specifically allowing FOC and 12s?

I can consistently kill a VESC w/ 12s even without FOC - (i’m a big guy - a lot of weight to move) - would love to test one of these!

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@SORRENTINO - Thanks Sorrentino. We’ve looked at it as well and will be doing more testing to see which is the best option. We’ll be testing some Allegro parts to see if it is more reliable.

@Pantologist - I think we should still do our own due deligience. Can’t hurt to have multiple parties working to better the product in the end. The consumer will get a better and more tested product.

@Plumb77 - Lol :slight_smile:

@Sl33py - The board will have power and computing electronics separate to cut down the noise so signals don’t mix up. Which should help but this isn’t the sole reason why. In the end, we’re still not sure if it will fix it completely that’s why we would have to do more testing. It should help a lot though.

We’re looking into the changes that Raphael Chang has also made on his upgraded VESC as well.

The goal is to be able to have everything so it’s “reliable, dependable”. Originally, I was going to wait on Ben to release VESC 6.0 before even attempting to re-work the VESC to make it reliable. But, we might as well do some testing and take more pro-active measures in making a better product. Can’t rely on Ben for everything. I’m sure, he’s busy as well.

So, if DRV’s are still an issue. We’ll do more testing that way we don’t have these issues.


I would be interested in testing one of these, I’d love to have a stable VESC. After blowing up a few DRVs, I’ve just been sticking to using your TB12S ESC as the reliability is worth more to me than the additional features of the VESC. Let me know the details and I’m in.

When will you have some pics/mock ups of the boards and remote.

I think its great your throwing a hat into the ring. Friendly competition will bring out better products than could have without. I’ve bought stuff from you guys and the experience has always exceeded my expectations even even when something went wrong. So I don’t doubt you guys will do a decent job. I’ve pre ordered a wide hub motor form hummie. I can test in that though I already have a vesc set aside.

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Congrats Dexter, its great so see innovation happening. With my mostly rc background reliability is a huge thing. I’m very interested in hearing more about this new remote. Also I have been looking at the vesc as you know, but just can’t bring myself to buy one yet. I might be down for buying a couple Alphas to help test them out if timing is right, but winter is coming.

Good luck.

May I suggest that you offer a VESC and a pull down menu with standard and upgraded components so the buyer can choose to upgrade components.

Again drop down menu to choose that option for custom made electronics.

@torqueboards I’d be happy to do some testing for you. Let me know what they’ll cost. Hell, I’ll even test them for free, if you want! :wink:


I’ll test the crap out that! I already have and Enertion, Torqueboards, and Ollins VESC. Love to get my hands on a VESC that could outperform these.

Nice job dexter. I would love to test it out.

@Plumb77 - We’re still working on the remote but our main focus for now is working on improving the VESC.

@whatthejess - Yeah, I think multiple people working on improving products doesn’t hurt and is nothing but a benefit for everyone in the long run.

@i2oadsweepei2 - It is disheartening hearing people break a DRV so it is in everyone’s best interest that we focus on improving rather than waiting on “Ben” to make the necessary changes.

@rodriguejoe1 - Yeah, we’re working on revamping the website soon. As for the upgrades of components they will be a standard configuration. Most likely the only the that’s add-on would be a fan unit.

@Cisphyx @whatthejess @i2oadsweepei2 @Mobutusan @Mrmoonlight @ArmandR - Great news. I’ll keep in touch.

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Nice ! Will you share the files to allow people to make/solder it on their own (according to the CC opensource licence of the VESC) ?

This is great news @torqueboards and I’d love to beta test!

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Glad to see someone els working on this. Looks like could be a great vesc and would love to test one hopefully will be better price than the vesc-x.

Quick warning, i know bugger-all about electronic circuitry, so this is probably a dumb question.

What about an ESC that can go beyond 12s? So it can handle something beyond 44ish volts and start to encroach into the 50V playground (14s). Is that at all practical in any way (no matter how ridiculous it sounds).

So to propose an argument based on this. In circuitry, doesn’t more volts mean less amps that mean less heat that mean better efficiency and cooler, longer running systems? Also there’s the obvious speed and/or torque benefits.