Torqueboards VESC Motor Detection Fail

Hey all,

My motor seems to fail detection but it does spin during the operation but it is very choppy as seen in the video

Yes I’ve followed a lot of guides and other posts but they don’t help.

I’m using a Torqueboards VESC with firmware 2.18 and Torqueboards 5065 260kv motor.

Here are my settings:

Any help would be much appreciated! I’m very tired of this after frying my first motor with a 150A RC ESC.

Does your motor behave like this only during motor detection? Try press + holding the arrow keys, does your motor move smoothly then?

Remove the motor pulley while doing detection. make sure nothing is rubbing like the shaft C-clip on the mounting plate. If your using a sensored setup, try unplugging the sensor cable and see if it will detect without sensor.

You´re running 6s lipos? Check if nothing is shorting inside the motor. How long are your wires and how long are your motor mounting screws? (the last guy had the screws too long, they touched the windings inside and so his detection didn´t work properly.)

@TarzanHBK Hahaha that was me… Btw all four of my screws were replaced and now everything is running smoothly with my board


@jammin They also behave like in the video when I use the arrow keys

@Namasaki Removed it and retested, still no go.

@TarzanHBK Yes I’m running 6S. WELL DARN, the provided hex screws from the @torqueboards 50mm motor mount kit caused this. I unscrewed them so that the motor is freely moveable in the mount, retested the motor detection and walla!

Now I really think this caused my last torqueboards motor to fry, cause the tips of the motor mount screws were charred! Now I need to find a way to sand down these hex screws…

there you go. Just buy shorter ones :wink:

@gottagoslow send @torqueboards a message and tell him what is going on. I’m sure he will help you out.

Aha I see this is more common than I thought

@gottagoslow I think this is a specific issue with the 5065 since it’s a smaller motor. 63mm doesn’t have this issue but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Okay, I’ve scavenged some M4 phillips screws that are like 8mm long and they work perfectly! Motor detects and I’ve been contacted by Torqueboards.

Yup, I had the same problem