Torqueboards VESC *on hand for sale* - SOLD


Would anyone be interested in TBs VESC from batch #4? I’m building an off road e-mountainboard and TBs 12s ESC seems to be more appropriate for the application. I also have the CAN bus cable if you purchase both. I ship USPS priority and package the things very quickly so you get them in 2-3 days. The price for each is $150 if purchased individually and $270 if purchased in combo with the addition of the canbus cable. Let me know if you are interested in getting a Vesc NOW and not waiting. Thanks.

lol so $50 more just because you have it now? Jeez. I guess I could sell my extra for $150 then and rip off the community.

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Unless it comes with the warranty.

I know I would have paid significantly more to have it delivered immediately. However my only option at the time was @chaka and even paying almost twice the amount I would still have had to wait two weeks. If nobody wants it thats fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

I attached a pic of both vescs and the canbus cables.

Torqueboards does not offer warranty on they basic VESCs. They offer a warranty for $60 more. I did not purchase the warranty at the time. However, from the three (3) VESCs that I purchased, the one I am using on my current on-road build has worked flawlessly.

Have one buyer lined up. Waiting for a second or someone who buys both. PM me if interested.

thats how supply and demand works.


Yea it’s not ripping off the community. Nobody is forcing you to buy it; they are just giving you an opportunity to buy it NOW.

it’s supply and demand. OP is smart.

I can’t really argue with that. I’ve paid a lot more not to have to wait for something. It may only be a few days before Torqueboards starts shipping theirs out, but if you need your fix for the weekend… We all know esk8 is worse than crack.

I have a one potential buyer. If I get a second buyer for one or both units today I can ship by noon.

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I’ll take both if you still have them.

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Hi jeff, yes I still have them. I’ll send you a PM.

See I knew youd find a buyer

Don’t forget to Mark Sold in the title so you don’t get peppered afterwards @Lizardking0069


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