Torqueboards vs Enertion vs Ollin VESC

I’m buying a vesc and am wondering if there are any major differences between the 3 vescs. I’m leaning towards the Torqueboards vesc for the price.

dont think anyone has a TB VESC yet and the enertion one have just started to ship out after the change in manufacturer .

Wait this is Torqueboards right product/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

Be wary of TB vesc right now, seems he’s having production issues and hasn’t delivered anything yet. Very little updates compared to other sellers too.

DIY == torqueboards

I messaged them the other day. They said their VESCs would be back in stock in around 2-3 weeks.

I’d take it with a grain of salt until you see serious deliveries. His batch 1 is over 2 months late and it’s always “soon.” I actually made another order to Ollin because I was tired of getting my hopes up.

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If you want one soon and don’t want to be a beta tester then OllinBoards is the only game in town.

Just costs more but really its the brain of the E board.

Not really a place to skimp when a lot of other ESC’s are reliable but kind of dangerous when it comes to braking.

Chaka dialed in my VESC and its amazing. The braking is so confidence inspiring that my average speeds have really increased.

Ollinboards is the way to go. It may be a bit more pricey, but the quality, short wait time and amazing communication + customer service made it well worth the money. I ordered one originally from Enertion, but then realized it was gonna be months before I received the thing, so I cancelled and went with Ollin and I couldn’t be happier!

Chaka if you want it right away :slight_smile:

@boards - Thanks for keeping us in check. We’re working very hard to help offer quality VESCs. Our first batch was botched and I didn’t want to ship out VESCs that didn’t meet my quality checks some people were able to receive it but not all. Next one is being worked on. Components are added to the PCB, we are waiting on wiring and adding the wiring. Bootloader/firmware and testing will then be done and we’ll be ready to ship.

I’d hate to offer a solid ETA as things do happen and people hold us to those dates. Unfortunately, I have no control over those dates as well. But it’s in production and should be finished soon! I wish things moved faster too.

I did exact same.

Hey guys … Batch #2 is completed and tested. VESC v4.12 hardware w/ v4.18 firmware. For all the orders for Batch #2 will be sent this week. Thanks for understanding.

Batch #3 should be completed within the next 1-2 weeks.

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I am wondering if things have changed. I too am about to order 2 vescs to power dual carvon hub motors.

Has anyone received a Torqueboard vesc yet? Any reviews out there?