Totally new to the hobby. Am I asking too much for a 2 wheel driven mountainboard under a 1000 dollars?

Alright. So I don’t want a beast, a top speed of 30-40 km/h is more than enough. I only want it to be 2 wheel driven to get better braking. I would mainly use it as transportation, but roads around me are bad, so a longboard would’t do. If you say one wheel can stop me within 5 meters, I am good with a one-wheel drive. So please recommend parts that are in that price range, because I can’t afford a $700 trampa board, with $200 VESCs. I also have a small snowboard, which I can use as a deck if I run out of money. If this is a frequently asked question, linking similar threads is a huge help too. Thanks for the help in advance.:slight_smile:

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Perhaps a few compromises like these wheels and a wooden deck and stay in budget

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I am not picky. I want something reliable. If it looks good, thats a bonus!

type MBS in the search bar, there’s a few builds out there to refer to, for 1000 freedom dollars you can get a pretty descent build out of it.

Thanks! I’ll try!

OK, so I researched a bit. I mainly looked at the boards itself. The electronics can wait. The cheapest wheels I could find were these coming in at $28 each. If I were to put the wheels together myself, with MBS products, it would be more than $40 each. My questions are: - Are those $28 ones worth it quality and durability wise? - Can I even turn them electric (They don’t have holes like the five star hubs do) - Is 7" big enough? Trucks are decided, the only budget mountainboard trucks I could find were these: The deck itself is still a question…

Check out this build I did for around $1000:

Thank you very much for your replies! Smurf: Yes, I know that board exists, but I’ll try to use a snowboard as a deck first. But every piece of information helps, so thank you. Cmatson: That is an awesome build, thanks for sharing! I am sure I will learn a lot from it.

Any particular reason to revive a thread that is TWO YEARS OLD?


Looks like youve done it. :upside_down_face:


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