- Tow Boggie - Limiting acceleration of VESC using an accelerometer

I’ve built this towing device Tow Boogie - Wanaka 2022 - YouTube for foiling. It works great, lots of fun. Only issue is that if there is slack between me and the boogie, it just about pulls your arm off if it accelerates too fast usually unintentionally as you pull the trigger getting back on the board.

So I’m wanting to limit the acceleration/ top speed boogie until the rope is under tension.

One way is by using a strain gauge on the tow point. This is a little tricky to do especially while keeping things waterproof.

The other way i’ve thought of is by using an accelerometer to figure out if the boogie is accelerating too fast (unloaded) and thus reduce the power to the motor. Does anyone know if there is a off the shelf solution to this in the eskate world? i’m thinking it could be used to prevent run away boards.

Specs are of my build are: P42a Monicel 13s8p 75200 VESC VX3 controller 65161 motor Everything else is 3d printed, cut out of foam.



insanely cool, when is the kickstarter? Shark tank? Hopefully no irl sharks. This is why I keep showing up at this forum.

@strongarm you could get a lot more help on the more active esk8 forums that the community moved on to.

Two solutions

  • Easy, Use ramping time to start the acceleration slow.
  • Complex, Pull accelerometer data and map them to PID.
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