Toy or vehicle?

Just a fun little thing I thought of. Do you see an electric skateboard as a toy or vehicle?

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@b264 lol


I was thinking about this recently as well. I prefer to ride for fun, so to me it’s a toy, but to others they might treat it like a vehicle because it’s all they have and its how they get around. In San Fransico there’s many people who travel via eskate so for them it’s a vehicle, and yet I regularly ride my “commuter build” eskate for fun on joy rides, up to 20 mile distances…so it had me thinking about it seriously.

Here I am riding further than people who use it as a vehicle and I do it for pure enjoyment or fun, I actually drive places to go ride my eskate sometimes, and I bet people who use them as a vehicle might view that negatively.

While some people are waiting on parts or repairs in order to continue getting around town, I simply don’t get to go on fun rides when my shit breaks. It’s actually a huge difference in use-models of the thing, it really isn’t a toy or a vehicle, but both depending on how it’s used or treated. Its very situational and subjective stoll.

I bet in the future they will be more common as vehicles, but it will take people like me who enjoy just riding and building to push the innovation into something robust, at least enough to be relied on as a vehicle.

The people who use them to get to work must have alternative means as well at this point, meaning abundant public transportation so it lends well to dense urban environments like San Fransico and New York.

Eskates are just not reliable enough yet to consider them a real vehicle, so I’m gonna go with toys being used as vehicles…until they are reliable, serviceable and parts are easily accessible…then I might change my opinion but its years away still…


Toy for sure, at least for myself.

When I need to step away from my computer and take a break from study/work, 15 min on my board. On an eskate I can easily get the same amount of riding as it would normally take me 30 or even 40 min to get pushing uphill between runs.

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not hobby :wink:

Way to go get groceries and get to work. A fun, efficient, and pollution-free way to do it…

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I have spent as much time modding & fixing my CGT as I have spent on my Harley…and I spent just as much on parts :cold_sweat:


The difference between men and boys is just the price of their toys


after first 50kmh / 30mph wipeout you will be scared as fuck and will not call it a toy anymore :grin::grin:


work dress attire, and taking or picking up my kid from school prevents this from being a commute vehicle.

Sometimes on the weekends I do actually ride the 11 miles from the house to the office to catch up on work. Wish I could do that everyday.

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I’d love it to be a “vehicle” and commute on it, but my lab banned everything that’s not a bike or a car from the entire campus. When I asked around why, the best answer I could get was that it’s a liability thing because someone did “something stupid on a Segway”:joy:

At least the fun part is legal on streets in the US. I’m gonna miss that if I go back to Germany. Always watching over your shoulder…


Toy machine

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I used to commute 10 miles to work each day and after two months I hit an uneven pavement slab and face planted. Now I drive because I don’t want to bee seen as having unreliable transportation. I still use it as a backup if something is wrong with my car though.


I’m my case I ride every single day to work bank and forth, if something breaks on board one I’ll grab the spare board 2, 3 and 4, I try to avoid to the max to get cought without a vehicle.

My car has been parked for 3 months now, I use it once every 2 weeks to pick up groceries.

So for me, it’s a fun way to move around town, but definitely not a toy. I never ride just for pure pleasure, I don’t feel it that way at all.

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More of a toy for me right now as I have a car available to me. I use my board usually just to go for a pleasant ride and get my blood going. Only occasionally will use my board to go buy food, ride to school, work, or a friend’s house. That’s pretty much all the commuting is either by train or car. The board is just an awesome hobby as of now.

However next year with college I will definitely consider it as a vehicle cause I will only thing I have it to get around. Not a bad thing though! Just an excuse to get out and ride more :stuck_out_tongue:

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To me it’s just like a motorbike, it’s a serious toy that can be used as a vehicle. :grin:

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