Track racing - set up and riding style

Well I like urethane. But I know pneumatics will stomp your shit to sundown on a track under power. Bring your gear to the uphill.


Lol that’s the first time I see someone turning down a free ticket from @psychotiller to try his custom boards.


Well that’s great. You done being a bully on someone else’s thread?

OP asked for advice on how to set his board up. Not for a pointless dick waving contest. Put down your advice and stop being a middle aged kid on someone else’s thread. My PMs are always open if you want to talk.

Op’s riding one of my builds…how clueless is you?


Then great. Be a pal and give him advice instead of taking this thread off topic :thinking:

@davidbonde Am I off track here?




Given you have put down zero tuning advice and just went out of your way to ask me pointless questions that don’t contribute anything meaningful, I’d say so…

Oh boy.


Let me jump in here, since i was invited. In my opinion, you are way off. Pneumatic, rubber tires will have more grip than urethane. Especially on the kart tracks we have raced on. I have tried both on the same track and the urethane brakes loos easily at the cornering speeds we reach. Also, TKP’s worked way better on the track for tight precise turns. Again, I have ridden both TKP’s and RKP’s on the same track. I believe you are correct regarding the narrower trucks, though. You would definitely be able to turn quicker but you would loose a bunch of stability in the straightaways. I think part of what @psychotiller is doing is trying to curb false advice.


If you gave any useful insight I would have just agreed with you. But you don’t seem to have any idea what you’re talking about. I have urethane (Lots) as well as Moe’s racing wheels, and pneumatics. Who are you again?


I’d have thought air tires with the bigger size and using longer trucks too might add to leverage and get u better grip.


Same guy who sent you those Avenue trucks. I rather not regret being generous and turn this into one of those “never meet your idols” moment.

And? Those trucks suck. Sorry, not sorry.


I just love how @Hummie doesn’t give a fu*k about that little war that is going on right now and is just replying to the original question. :smile:


Great. Still my point of generosity. Now put down some advice for OP and how to make him go faster around the track. This will be the third time I’ve asked you to put this thread back on topic.

I squelch all wars the day after.

Can’t wait to race all you assholes and cruuuush you all.


I already did on facebook when he asked the same question to the esk8 group. He liked my advice.


Depends on how much weight is being distributed across 4 tires. The contact patch is also affected by how much the tires are inflated. A high CG can provide more leverage for a wheel to ‘bite’ into the ground, but at the same time it moves all the weight to the outer wheels instead of distributing the force across all 4 wheels/contact patches.

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That’s great. I’m glad he wholeheartedly liked your advice on facebook. Here I gave you a like too. Now copy paste your tuning advice here so then this community can learn as a whole.

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