Traction aid idea

hi i just want to show my here my simple traction aid build if i can give idea for peoples need traction offroad :smile:

just use quality winter tie rap and tight the chain just a little before inflating the tire


what the hell am i looking at :rofl:

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look maybe dumb idea but work if you ride on snow , i made them today and i just test them and yes i got some grip but if you ride direct on the pavement its shaky a little bit :smile:

they don’t sell studded tire so i need to find a solution for winter condition :smile::smile: maybe internal heated tire so the rubber keep soft while riding :smile:



been done before bro, search up some more of barajabali’s posts for more ideas…


very nice ! i just don’t have the time to build clean set up like this its just a experiment , but how he attach the steel wire ?

lol it looked cool, just had no clue what it was or how you made it :wink:

cool idea!

you can see the connection at the top of the rear tire & pictured in the linked topic above. I believe you can get snow chains for bicycles, you could also try cutting those down to suit smaller wheels too?

Barajabali did something like you did but kept breaking his zip ties so…


great thanks