Traction issues in snow (Vid & pic) ideas?

So as the winter is upon us in the north, what do we do when our boards cant handle the snow? I’ve been fiddling around with screws in my tires but it just looks too dangerous for me to inflate the tire, here is it, what do you think?: Spiked_tires1 Spiked_tires

And the sad video of no traction :frowning:

As you can see, I didn’t make it far from my door… Best regards


@Andy87 this is a job for superman


I think he actaully tried something like that. No idea how it went.

4wd is your answer. Also, they look like street tires. Wouldn’t it work better with some off road tires?


Sand paddles might be good for really thick snow, but I have never seen them in 6-8 inch size.



This is what you need…






Yes i did something the same

But still untested. Snow meld away over the weekend and just came back this night. Hope I can get them test next weekend latest. However, studs made for ice not for deep snow. Sure it’s better than nothing, but for snow, snow chains and bigger wheels are the way to go. If you use screws there are some things you need to take care about: Don’t use so long screws. You don’t want to drive „only“ on them. In your case it’s very likely that your weight will just push them back and damage the inner tube. Use screws with rounded head and add some glue when drill them inside. Use a second layer of old inner tubes or better some protection tube you can get for bicycles inbetween your inner tube and the wheel. And lastly, don’t expect them to last long of you use usual steel screws.

The best way is probably the way @ksfacinelli did. 9“ wheels and bicycle studs. He also made a how to thread.

The thing is that I can’t burn the pockets in to the wheels as we don’t have an open place or garage in our flat. But like he did they will definitely last long.

4WD for sure can help but isn’t a must have. Bigger wheels and contact surface can help a lot. Let’s to don’t forget the crazy 4WD monster from @Duffman


Oooh… IMO the scariest thing about riding in snow isn’t going to be traction, but slipping out sideways. So IDK about sand paddles, that sounds like death to me.

@lrdesigns Yes sandpaddles or better offroad tyres would be nice, howerver I would need studs for the icy parts, I wouldnt want to slide out laterally as @CHAINMAILLEKID pointed out. The problem is that I can’t find it anywhere.

@ksfacinelli That’s the one you made in your DIY thread, correct? I will be looking into it but as a student it quickly gets a little pricy to do it properly like you did. We’ll see.

@squishy654 I’ve been thinking of modifying snowblower tracks to fit on a board like this, and put skis in the front, but such tracks seem difficult to come by/expensive. So we will see. Wont be until next winter probably as i have a lot of other things to do on the board anyways during the winter time.

Damn, quality answer. Thank you!

I am aware of most of the points you have, but some were new so thanks for that. Can’t wait to see how your tires will work. I am thinking of getting larger tires made for offroading before studding but it quickly gets too pricy for a student. I’ve been thinking about grinding down the studs I’ve got here on that wheel so it doesn’t stick out so much, however this must be done after driving them into the tire as I guess drilling in the tires would damage the “fibers” that hold the rubber together(though I could use the technique @ksfacinelli used) . I am guesssing it would be just as good to just drive the screw trough the the tire, and hope that I wont cut off any fiber strands. Also snowchains seems like an economical way to go but that would probably limit speed on the plowed bicycle-roads we have here. Damage to innner tube can be fixed with gaffa tape, old innertubes and much more. I’ve also been thinking about smearing a layer of silicone on the screw heads on the inside of the tire. When it comes to stud strenght, these screws wont last me long, as they’re quite soft. I am thinking a sort of carbide or wolfram-carbide alloy screw is the way to go.

Top for your flat: When I lived in such a flat, I used a ventilator hose and an old PC-fan to make a ventilator that sucked the air out a window, worked like a charm.

Yeah Duffmans project is prettu badass, Maybe I’ll get there one day.

Thanks for great tips, now I know that others really are trying to make E-MTB viable in the winter and that’s really cool, also thats for the links to the different guides/builds. Helps a lot.

Best regards!

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You welcome :wink: We diy guys, so we need find out some things by our own. This year is my first year and let’s see how far I come with my ideas. I read that some people us big cable ties as kind of snow chains. Maybe that’s worth a try too. Can’t imagine it will last long, but who knows, I never tried it before.

If you burn pockets into the wheel for the studs the walls need to be big enough. Not sure if that’s the case with a 8“ tire.

If you search for the right size studs you can find them here very cheap

Hold us up to date how it’s going. Maybe you’ll find out a good solution for perfect grip in snow this winter :wink:

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Wow that is a good deal only problem could be spring by the time they come…lol

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That cdn be, but there is a mother winter next year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: By the way, if somebody is need I have 300 of the studs linked above I can’t use. Shipping from Russia will take also a time, but probably way less than from china :relieved:

Pick up a cheap set of 10 in pneumatics from harbor freight and try what I’m doing. 20190107_194100 Link to the write up:

Like those welded up trucks.

What the weight looking like w/o electronics?

@CHAINMAILLEKID Haven’t actually weighed it yet but It’s pretty hefty compared to a normal skateboard. The rear axle is solid so I can drive both wheels from one motor and that doesn’t exactly help with weight. Check out my website I’ve got a whole writeup on the project so far and I should be posting CAD soon.