[Trade/Selling] 90% Complete Trampa Build, Eboosted Dual motor FocBox [EU/DK]

Another failed build from me, sadly 2019 won’t be the year where I can have the time or money to put aside for a project like this so i would rather start over once I do and give what I’ve done to someone else that can enjoy it.

The board is more or less just missing some last few resoldering to make more room, battery installed and drilled the holes for the enclosures and its done good to go. (Aprox 400USD/350Euro left at max)

I’ve spent good time making it, and ages picking out parts and testing them to their limit before officially putting them in the build (Used similar parts in different builds)

Everything on the board is like new or used very little as in only the rear truck have marks rest is brand new or brand new looking.

I’m looking mainly for a trade for a different board such as a Boosted, or Raptor 2.x or anything else “higher end” I can use when I can and able to ship to me around the world (Got shipping issues with DIY boards)

Its made to take a 12S4P Samsung 30Q with BMS, but a 10S or even 12S3P is enough to get it going if you want to finish it cheaper.

Parts: Trampa Carver 14ply Eboosted Carver Enclosure Gummies 125mm and Trampa rims white with black spokes. Trampa Infinity Trucks w’ Mini Vertigo Hangers Dual FocBox (Newest model, brand new) Vedder AntiSpark (Made with good quality parts) Firefly Remote, I don’t have it yet since I’m missing payment on it but will be included. Dual FlipSky/StormEsk8 190KV 6355 (Ran 2 pairs of these custom ones for 400+ miles now without any issues and these for about 100 works like a charm) Idea Trampa kit V7.2?, 60T / 15T gearing 2x spare belts. And some other bits and bops like ble module and whatnot. Spent 1650USD on it, I’m open for offers only shipping in EU and trades would be via personal pickup or you ship first and pay for return shipping/supply return label.

Anything feel free to ask. image image image image image


Wow that was quick, sold.