Trailer Connector

I had, what I thought, was a great idea. Use a mail trailer connector on the motor aide and a female on the enclosure side. Would make for a cool way to connect/disconnect your motor. But…the wire is 16 gauge on all they have at O’Reilys and Autozone.

I clicked this hoping someone made a bike trailer connector.


I thought of this too (while connecting my trailer last week) but you’re right about the wire being way too small. I was thinking of using a regular computer power plug type connector, or these old Bulgarian aerospace connectors, rated to 560v and 80a!

That is badass, would look great on a steam punk’d board. It looks huge though.

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These also exist.


thats pretty awesome, what are they called?

I think they are called mt60

XLR connectors might be a good option too.

XLR connectors are 15A max, but the newer Speakon connectors can handle 40A continuous which is actually usable (barely). I might try one.

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I found some heavy duty 3 pin connectors on ebay It’s from the USSR, so it will either never break, or explode spectacularly.

That’s just scary looking :smile:. I’m looking at right now. I think it will look good mounted in the elephant 008 case I’m currently working g with.