Trampa 55 miles per hour

First build. Already got the bare board setup for now. Trampa board, Vertigo Trucks, 8in Wheels, Straps…

For electronics I was planning on 2x 6374 Tunigy SK3 190kv 4x 6s 5000mah batteries wired in series and parallel to make 12s 2x SJ Hawk 120 Amp 12s Escs 2x 9pack YGE Cap Banks

Id like to get 55-60 miles per hour on a belt driven setup. Can you recommend suitable drive ratio/pulley sizes to achieve this? I can build the motor mounts/pulleys out of aluminum/steel with cnc.

Also due to the speed, any recommendations on battery C ratings? Heard about the 9 pack YGE caps from Etoxx video 65kmh(40mph), does well with the Opto 12s Escs to prevent fire.

Im willing to change/upgrade the escs/motors to get to that speed but Id like to stick with a 12s setup and belt driven if possible.

Im 155 lbs and was thinking (24t / 72t) or (22t / 66t) pulleys may work

Any ideas/suggestions? The battery C rating still confuses me when I change the numbers though, so am open to advise, thanks.

Uhhhm, PLEASE tell me you meant to write 55-60 km per hour? Because even that is crazy fast! That’s almost intercity highway speeds!

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you need ratio 1:3


:scream: That’s a crazy speed you’re aiming for. Where do you plan to ride this thing? You better have a full set of armor.

At those speeds you will most likely loose your braking ability on any esc…

considering world record is 59.5mph maybe your plans are a bit too optimistic.


maybe you could do this but just not die


And this year’s Darwin award goes to “____”


Get a helmet doesn’t even begin to describe it. At that speed the pavement will grind through your spine without armor.

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Didn’t somebody once win a Darwin award for something like that?

Hahaha. I dare full throttle 55mph! Thats like faster acceleration than any standard city car yet fast like hell. I chicken out at 45kmh. At 90kmh even little stones kill you. No suiciding on eboard is not illegal, but hell no at that speed without proper protection and a race field. Every finger twitch is a 10kmh up or down, sick!

I like your ambition, but you will likely face lots of issues at that speed. You will need about 16 times the power of an average esk8, and at that speed you need either a perfectly clean and flat surface OR suspension. Safety of-course is a concern too, even with a full body suit, falling will be highly dangerous, potentially lethal!

I am used to high speed like that from snowboarding, my Trampa board tops out at 45mph. I rarley make it to 40mph without getting speed wobbles. Even though my trucks are very tight also. The Deck is just too flexible combined with those pneumatic wheels its very unstable above 40mph. The slightest bump will amplify to become very dangerous.

I been riding 40mph on my stiff maple bustin longboard with abec flywheels for over 2 years and it feels much more stable like a rock. Bouncy boards r not good for speed. Be very careful!!! Good Luck!


Falling from a snowboard at speed is way less risky because there is very little friction, and a somewhat softer surface, this means that usually you slide and slow down gradually. The high friction of the road surface will make you tumble violently which can break your bones.

To prevent wobbles, get a stiff deck and 0 degree rear truck if turning radius is not important, otherwise, install a damper on the rear truck.


You are correct. Ive had crashed from speed wobbles on my Trampa its very bad. Especially because you are strapped in, The board starts to wobble violently and then catapults you (holding you by your feet) head first into the ground. first time that happened i wasn’t wearing a helmet ended up breaking my head and getting 15 stitches there. Second time i was wearing a helmet and didnt get hurt at all besides a slight concussion.

Just got my motorcycle steering damper now i need to make the L brackets to attach it to my board.

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Dont know if this would be any help but as a reference on my trampa I’m using 14t on the motor and the 66t on the wheel with 192kv motors 8inch wheels. 2 5000mah 40c - 90c 6s lipo’s in series I’m 100kg and it easily gets me up to 60kmh cruising speed I’d be lucky if I get 8km at that speed. But 55mph would be nuts, I fell off (got the ol speed wobbles) 1 month ago and broke a few ribs at 55kmh ish so 90kmh + would do some decent damage lol. On my snowboard I can clear 100kmh but I feel safe for the most part however on the trampa at 60kmh I feel like 40% I got this and 60% witness me - I’ll see you in Valhalla! :sweat_smile:. good luck to you on your trip to 90kmh!

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“didn’t get hurt at all besides a small concussion” is my new favorite sentence fragment.


Do any of y’all know if there’s any possible way to build a skateboard electric skateboard to do a hundred plus miles per hour