Trampa 75/300 faults anyone bought one from them

Trampa vesc 75/300 testing will post up soon

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Which issues you have? Did you get in contact with @trampa ? I‘m sure he can help you.

I feel baited.


Title does sound like they’re saying Trampa is blaming anyone buying from them lol

Been too lazy to solder myn so cant shime in yet sadly… Seen it in action plenty tho!

Ill be posting a long post regarding this as soon as i know whats going on with my vesc i have followed instructions and dont feel im getting the service i deserve. It will all become clear soon

Watch this place its unfortunate really Benjamin is a very clever man and has done a good job on this but i think comunication is the problem here ill get something for you guys soon on this problem ill also be posting on the vesc forum and others if this cant get resolved

So you made a thread about a problem you may or may not have, that may or may not get resolved to your satisfaction and that you may or may not update depending if it gets resolved or not?

Sorry dude but…


At least we now know the issue that caused your VESC 75/300 and the replacement unit to blow up. Benjamin will see if he can fix the unit. Hopefully the GND-Loop via the AS5047P sensor just fried the STM. Blue light still on is always a good sign…

Yes i want to delete this thread i should not have started have been very helpfull