Trampa Advice for new build

So after building 3 standard DIY boards, I am planning a Trampa build but I need some advice/confirmations on the spec.

Initially I will take the dual drive train off my existing board and convert that back to single motor as I have some spares. So dual 190kv and the plan is to run 12s lipo’s and leave my 10s pack on the other board, I will use my existing VESC’s

So I want the Holy Pro deck, and I am thinking I need the wider ultimate trucks to give me flexability to run 7 or 8 inch. I am assuming that I will be ok running some 90mm road wheels on here as well, but I need different bearings?

I am 76kg and think 15 ply, yellow dampers, top mounted battery pack, bindings

What motor mounts should I use?

Have I missed anything?

If you want to run street wheels like 90,97,107s you will need to buy the Ultimate trucks. They have 9.250 mm axels, while the vertigo and Infinty have 12mm.

Might wanna consider going 16ply.

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Awesome thanks, was just looking at them

Trampa sells axle reducers from 12 to 9.35mm

The point is that 12mm bearings have an outside diameter of 28mm. All street wheels need 22mm outer diameter bearings that’s why you need the ultimate hanger if you want to use all kind of wheels, trampa sells special bearings with OD=22mm and ID=9.525mm for longboard wheels. The axle reducers are needed when using ID=12mm bearings on 7" or 8" wheels on ultimate or mini hanger.

I missed this thread, what’s the progress with your build @Avengerpenguin?

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