Trampa board, APS 6374, Vesc, sk3

Hi I got a guy that is selling his stuff and more from his build and I’m only buying his motor but the rest is a deal and can benefit you guy. Has about 20 full charges then he brunt out one of his Vesc and quit.

Below are the packages he is offering. And No pictures can be shared due to regulations but in my opinion everything is top condition imo ( will describe as much ap)


I’m shipping from EU price is in euros!

1 Black TRAMPA board just plain board no holes in the deck great condition no visible defects. Two holes for the enclosure has been drilled on the edge dead center Black trucks almost no scratches with black springs and silver hardware Two black motor mounts for 63xx non trampa Two pulleys minimum ware, black t count has to be confirmed Black at wheels , the ones with air pipe inside, silver core and hardware non trampa Bindings for both feet black and white trampa. The whole board is black and silver expect bindings.

Everything mentioned above is 400€ Now reduced price

It’s a complete In almost new condition!

2 an Alien power system motor 6374 240kv with keyway and silicon wire The paint is chipped on the logo around 1cm2 Strong motor with awesome reputation Motor above is 90€

3 lastly a sk3 6364 213kv with flatspots and black mesh around motor wires. Look Good he says its brand new but I can see dirt on the mesh.

Motor above is 60€

4 an TB vesc look good nothing remarkable you skip the damn shipping and tax to EU 90€

Shipping not included and as I said I’m helping him get rid of it since he just started university.

Pm for more information and If you want to buy

Interesting offer, but need more info. Exact configuration of the trampa board. Which one? How many Ply? Exact truck configuration?

Pictures would help too.

Let me ask him, the picture thing is written in the item description

deck is an infinity urban carver

What motor mount is included? Also do you have any pictures of the board.

We really need pictures to see if this even is legit and not a scam

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I understand and that, I will get this righ but cant be posted officially so PM me

from where in EU you are selling?

Price reduced, these has to go Quick!

Pm for pictures

Pm for more info

Pm? I am out of this. Deals must be crystal clear


I will be closing this topic in about an hour if pictures are not posted. It’s very simple - upload button in the bottom right corner

So…Not your stuff but you ship it. It has to go quick and you provide info by pm. SCAM ALERT.


Boi here ya go but I wrote in the description he doesn’t want to be published publicly

No need…

Is there any way that we can get verification that this man is ok with you selling his parts for him? Maybe a short post or message would be reasonable - the quick price drop and lack of immidiate pictures make this entire thing look like a scam.

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Price drop was due to many people saying its to expensive, like i got an offer of 250. Another 350. And Im going on vaccation next week and want to get it done

I can promise I’m not a scammer I am very active in this forum and has sold and bought several items here before. Rated at regular and not on any scam list

I don’t see the motor mounts?