Trampa board, APS 6374, Vesc, sk3

Why didn’t he want photos to be posted publicly? Sounds pretty dodgy without a good reason




These trucks and hubs are not trampa. What is it?

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Those look like MBS trucks… or chinese clone mbs trucks…

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I think so too, i just know they are not tramap

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You are right. The question is: are these trucks good? It looks solid, but I have no clue on what kind of alloy would they use for stuff like this in China.

The usual answer to question like that would be: cheapest.

And if you don’t have the data or you’re not sure, just assume and expect it is the right answer.

No, they are not. Essentially similar to the 11" kit sold over at diye.

OK if you are a beginner. *No replacement parts available *kingpin will develop play/bushings will wear down *no dampers, unstable at high speeds *no proper motor mounts with belt tensioning available *wheel hubs come with bearings pressed in, thus difficult to service.


Mount only fits one particular type of maytech motor.

download 15055036720

Also fits aps 63mm and that is most common size ?

what’s the status of this post?