Trampa board lights mod - USB rechargeable bike lights

Hey, I thought i will share my take on adding lights to the e-skate, i did for my two Trampa boards.

I wanted lights on deck, which power source would be independent battery. The best and easiest way for me was to use USB recharable bike lights. The process of adding them to the board was really easy.

Those are the lights:

Front lamp - KLS Kellys Index Back Lamp - Kellys KLS Craft

The best thing is, i can charge those lamp with usb cable, i can also detach the light from the plastic hook.

First i drilled hole in the ring hook of the front lamp. It needed to be 5 mm hole, for the M5 screw. One of the 4 truck screw, i replaced with the longer screw, put it upside down, so the head of the crew is under the truck, added washer, and tighly screw the nut on top. I also added locite/thread lock, so it wont uncrew. That way i have some threaded bolt sticking out of the board, so i could attach the light hook to it. (The same patent i used to attach my back vesc box to the board)

Picture of the front light mount:

Picture of the front bolt, and the bolt for the tail light.

I screwed the mount/hook tigly with another nut with nylock, so it wont unscrew.

The back light: I drilled a holes in my vesc box. I drilled a hole in the hook/mount of the tail light. I used a m2 bolt, so i could could drill a hole in the hook, and add the nut inside it, without damaging it. Then i just screw it tighly with the nut inside the tail light mount/hook. i added a patch of sticky rubber tape between the mount and the vesc box, it wont move sideways.

The procces was really simple and fast. I can always detach the light fast for charge or else. I can regulate the X and y pivot, so they can beam the light in the right direction.

Front light is nicely above the board corner, the angle is great, i can see the bumps on the sidewalks and roads. Back light is nicely high, above the motor wires. When i ride, they hold really well, even when there are vibrations and more violent shakes, nothing moves. I tested it multiple times and i am very happy with it.

The lights have 3 modes. MOre intense light, less intense, and pulsing.

Maybe some1 will find it usefull.

Here is my board build thread.