Trampa board riders please comment here about Top mount vs Bottom mount enclosures

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I cant decide if I want to top or bottom mount my board :0 (This one is my board :slight_smile: )

Can anyone with a Trampa board comment what type of enclosure they have(Top mount, bottom mount, but you can also specify vendor if youd like for specificity), and give your thoughts on it.

There are clear benefits to top mounting such as no care in the world about GC issues with the pack, Potentially better waterproofing (My tool skills are garbage, Im thinking about asking someone to potentially drill holes in my deck so I dont ruin it :sweat_smile:), and etc, but the argument for bottom is the visual appeal, as well as freeing up some room for your feet (although I would be using bindings with my new board, my clown ass feet were still just barely big enough to not fit on my top mount Evo, which was so annoying :roll_eyes:)

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:


Flexible enclosures are sexy af but a top mounted box can look nice as well and its waterproofing properties and accessibility to the components wins for me


Nice to see this topic, I am also thinking about the same thing on my holy pro and carver. I have decided to go bottom mount enclosure. It looks much more stealth and cleaner .

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Top mount. Make it a true eMTB not some hybrid :joy:


I use buttom mount since I really don’t think top mount looks good, at all yes it may come with the benefit of not having to care as much about where you ride or the limitations of power but for me, it looks so impractical and bad.

I really like the great looks of a uniform board with a buttom mount enclosure with nice screws and well-organized enclosure under it.

Not only is it a board I ride but also a board I show off and its a “part of me”.


pretty much where Im at right now, Plus its probably cheaper If I went top mount anyways, maybe I could have saved during BF but I had no money at the time x)

Of course someone with tools and the knowledge of batteries that you do can pull off a bottom mount no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I just dont have those skills, or the connections to someone who builds packs for the forums locally

Yeah pretty much. I realised the joy of top mounting on my evo, and I didnt have to worry about clearance ONCE. Changed my perspective. I think my next board after this one(because lets be real… :man_shrugging: ) will be an inegrated enclosure style… Maybe the HAYA deck if its still making the rounds :slight_smile:

This is literally the only reason Im clinging to the bottom mount, is becuase I want it to look sexy. I see alot of EMTBs here on the forums, and no offense, while they might be powerful machines, people need to declutter their builds. Focus on form and function equally… unfortunately thats not really the case with a choice like this


How would you mount the box to the deck that you have? Would that change at all for me and my deck? I weigh 160Lbs so Im pretty much the optimum weight for the 15 ply :slight_smile:

Im hoping that’s not 160kg!

I would use bolts and nuts :smiley: 2 holes in the middle of the box should be enough and allow the board to flex normally Then I would put silicone on the holes in the box so they are fully sealed


If requirements on enclosure is high, then go top. I use bottom, Street carver.

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Could you please post pictures of your board and ground clearance? Im curious how much space you have

Nah, sorry about the confusion, im 160lbs :stuck_out_tongue:

4 bolts are overkill(in a good way)? Or too much for the deck?


Thats the only one i had on my phone. Board at work atm. Trucks are the lowest point of clearance


Depends on how much the deck is curved If its not much i would use 4 Untitled


I like bottom for street use (and for the eyes)

But I prefer top mount cause I ride strapped and I didn’t care what I got between my feet :smile:

If you are with air tire, you will get some clearance, if you use binding I will choose top mount again … : Top, good point are, easy swapping battery pack waterproofing is easy You have now a seat, could go full throttle on your buggy !

sorry not totally clear :blush: In fiew words, for me, bottow > street/free deck, top > AT/bindings.

Edit : also if you go with trampa trucks, reverse your hanger if you want more clearence too :wink:




Flex enclosure are nice but the battery connections always on stress. You need to know what you doing when you build your battery and you need to check your connections from time to time. @Eboosted already burned down one of his boards because of a connection becoming lose. That’s already one burned board too much. If you anyhow just use it for carving than yes go with a underboard enclosure. I had the underboard enclosure from @trampa It’s kind a sucks to work with the material, but it’s very strong and hold your pack save. Waterproofing you can get well with both variations. Just again you need to know what you doing and how you are doing it. And definitely you need to close the holes in the deck :sweat_smile:

Top mount are better if you want a real mtb. Clearance and no worries about hitting your enclosure. It’s also gives you an easy access to the battery. If you use lipos and want to swap them to get a longer range without to have all packs on the deck, that’s the way to go. It’s also more easy to install a loopkey which you can easy rip out in an emergency.


Before drilling your board I’d recommend trying Velcro. You can get it in different strengths. My top mount Pelican battery box hasn’t moved since I installed it. I’ve even picked it up by the handle on the Pelican box to carry it, just to test the strength of the Velcro. If the Velcro doesn’t work you can always drill and bolt it to the board later.



Wow this isn’t a terrible idea…

I wonder what the strongest Velcro there is :joy::joy:

Wow @Riako so many beautiful builds!

What is that enclosure?


Yeah velcron is the shit. It’s really really strong depending on which you use :sweat_smile: I needed to take of one stripe as it was so strong that I was afraid to broke my 3D printed case when taking it off the deck. Wouldn’t use velcron for holding an underboard enclosure, but for top mount :ok_hand: