Trampa boards and truck geometry

I’m in need of a deck for a new hub motor build. I had a Inboard and it was stiff and a shitty ride so I’m tempted with going with Trampa urban carver. The problem is that their trucks won’t fit my motors. Can I make myself some angle blocks and use regular trucks or will that get f… up when flexing and turning? Do I need special trucks for this?

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Trampa is channel truck. if u use wedge on regular deck u can use it but it will be high off ground, also they use 10mm axle.

I don’t know what u want but trampa deck won’t work on regular truck either.

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You could maybe make normal hangers work, but you’d need 0 deg baseplates.

Would also be super low, too low probably. Maybe you could use risers for that.

The wheel cutouts for the Trampa board would also be a problem unless your trucks have just as wide an axle.

Probably a lot easier to just get a different board. There’s a lot high quality stuff out there.

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I wouldn’t use regular trucks with urban carver deck, it would look like this:

If you want a Trampa deck you could grab this:

Or buy a bamboo/fiberglass longboard deck if you want flex. But the enclosure is more tricky with flexible decks.

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That was how I would mount them. I will machine a riser with that angle to mount the trucks in the correct orientation but I’m not sure if the steering would be all messed up.

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So long as you get the pivot angles right and the riser isn’t sloppy steering should be like normal.

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The risers can be machined in aluminium or even steel if stronger is needed… the will be cnc machined so no “slop” at all :slight_smile:

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Sometimes when people make extreme risers like this they just stack small risers, and it ends up being so sloppy that you lose all your turning.

Aluminum is plenty strong, You could mill it out of nylon or HDPE and be fine.

What do you mean by flipping it? I will be running 100mm wheels. I still haven’t adopted or chosen the trucks I’m going to use so I can make it fit if it’s a good solution :slight_smile: