Trampa build need help

It seems like most people are not using vesc because of a lack of power

I am also having them shut off all the time when going up hill then I loose all breaking ability

From what I read it seems like roxxy are the preference any sujestions would be great

Not to leave empty space here, I think the leader in off road mtb builds is @ NoWind.

You probably saw the roxxys there with him too. Some other people tend to use Max6, I think and also NoWind used it on some builds.

FVT 120 12s are also available but I wont be able to tell you firsthand experience as I havent tried them and @Idea had more experience / cooperation with them in general, I think.

@Oozytoast does your vesc has any heatsinks or active cooling? That might also improve the situation… it looks like your vescs are sitting in closed box anyways… so at least some airflow would probably be welcome.

I am using FVT 12S now found out that ESC not that smooth like vesc on acceleration and braking. But this ESC can give you alot power when you need it as quite suitable on offroad usage. The power kick in is way too much for me. Unfortunely, not much offroad at here and i only riding on footpath. Too much power for me.

And i going to try VESC tonight. Want know the feel of power output acceptable or not. If VESC work for me. I gonna sell my FVT 12S.

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Thanks so much everyone I think I will order some new esc’ s and maybe even a direct drive from Jens

Can’t seem to find a good source for FVT s

I would buy them let me know

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What max amps do you have for the motor? 45 A should be set. Do you cool your VESCs, or are they in a box without ventilation? Maybe you have a broken sensor wire. That is easy to fix. Why don’t you put some tape around your drives and seal off your motors. All that dirt is entering everywhere.


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I was running the motors and battery at 45 amps but I was lacking power so I went to 60 amps and it’s been better. I will tie everything up and close things off this weekend but I would rather have a system that works well for me first. Most riders seem to agree that the vesc is just weak for off-road use.

The hall sensors might be ok and the vesc’s might be bad, the motors spin nice and slow when testing

Maybe you just need two VESC SIX. I do not recommend to use hobby controllers like voltage controlled BLDC controllers. You will have zero control over the currents in your system and no safety features like temperature sensing.


This video shows the cogging I face when starting on a hill

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This video shows the cut off that happens when I loose traction

I will post my vesc settings soon

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The more max motor amps and battery amps as well as start up boost I give it the better it performs. I currently have 60 max battery and motor and 0.09 boost. Think I can go higher ?

I plan to get the vesc 6 or touque boards 12s escs since my sensors seem done for

Here goes nothing based on my batteries 5 amp x 25c rating they should handle 125 amp max draw (at least that’s how I understand it)

The cogging up hill looks really bad, I would have stopped there already midway and end the suffering hah…

Though… i dont really know how to help you, all I can imagine is, that sensored mode does not work properly and as Im no Vesc expert i wont be able to help… All I can see is that u should post your question in vesc related thread? or just write a few people personally, who you think would be able to give you a good advice.

I somehow think vescs should be able to work somewhat okay, there are users who use them without problems, for example, check @Duffman mbs build

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Since the sensors seam to work, when setting them up, it seams like your VESCs have an issue. The motors should start to spin up perfectly sweet, no matter of the load. We do not have to tweak any settings to get perfect startup. If you like I can put you on the beta program and you can try VESC-Tool and FW 3.26 for your HW 4.12 version.


That would be awesome Frank I zip tied the motor wires like you said and I am planning a better inclosure with vents. I had a bad anti spark plug and I think that may have fried the vesc sensors. For now I’m running 70 amps motor battery max and the cogging is almost gone. There are still cut off issues when the wheels slip but this is getting real fun


Good to hear that cogging is solve while putting more amps value on motor max. I am still wondering want go for VESC or not since i just flash another firmware and feel the power kick in is controlable. Did you connect two VESC with canbus or y splitter?

I am using can bus to connect the two vesc’s I would not say my problems are solved I still have cogging while starting on steep hills and now the bigger problem is the cutoff

As soon as my wheels loose traction and slip the system shuts down for 5 seconds I loose forward and breaks. This is bad because it usually happens while I’m going up a hill then I roll backwards down the hill with no breaks.

I’m sure we will get that sorted very soon. Some software magic will help.


Tonight I will update to the new vesc software and reduce my amps back down to the recommended 50 After frank advised me to drop it I looked into it and the motor seems rated for 2500 watts so 50 amps x 44 volts puts me at 2200 watts. If I understand it correctly

Thanks again Frank