Trampa build with mbs matrix trucks

It’s perfect now. I’ve done some adjustments. the board is so stable it’s great. i will post video’s when i have it. It was 1600-1700euro to build Specs are

  • sk3 6374 149kv
  • 12s lipo 240a discharge
  • Focbox unity
  • Maytech R2 remote
  • IdeaTB motor mount 15t Motor pulley 72t wheel
  • mbs matrix pro 2 with etoxx aluminium base plate
  • trampa holypro deck
  • trampa primo alpha tire 8 inch with 8x spacerIMG_20190519_145120 IMG_20190519_145131 IMG_20190519_145254 IMG_20190519_145921 IMG_20190519_145950

Love. Damn this thing must be torqutastic!

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