Trampa build with swapable packs

So I’m curious of someone has built or has an idea for a build that would have a swapable battery pack. My though isn’t that I’d only have a 10S7P like @Blasto for those long range missions but a separate, smaller, more light weight pack for the quick/daily commute for mobility. Thoughts? Side note, I’m just in the thinking stage of my next build. And lastly, is it weird to have the pack in the middle of you stance?

You should prefer the battery in the middle of the Board. Go with Lipos, heatshrink them with industrial stuff, velcro them to your Board…

Freestyle :

Touring :




yup, same approach more or less. Since cold weather is here I tend to throw my lipos in a backpack and just hold them down using bungee cords in the middle of the board. I can throw 2 or 4 lipos in there. Lipos tend to loose performance very quickly if they get too cold. In the backpack, they tend to stay a bit warmer.

I’ve gone for simplicity and have one series connector and two parallel connectors. The series connector has an anti-spark xt-90 and will always be used. The two parallel connectors will only be in use if I connect the total of 4 lipos.

No BMS. No switch. The packs tend to balance very nicely without and 4 separate lipo voltage beepers will inform me if a cell starts acting weird. No need for complexity at all.