Trampa carver and other parts

Trampa carver runs great, unity, maytech motors, superstars, urban treads, gt2b, 12s4p samsung 30q, bestech d140 charge only, kaly enclosure, Tampa urban mounts, trampa carver trucks, 16 ply solid carve deck. 3d printed concave pads could be glued better, reprinted and the enclosure has a couple spots near the mounting holes that could be epoxied, and the rear hanger was modified to fit the mounts. Other than that, it is great. $1200 obo. Hoping local interest as shipping would be difficult unless wanting without battery.

Bkb bluetooth module. $13 Surf rodz rkp pressfit mounts. $40 Maytech remote and receiver. $20

Actual shipping cost will be added to prices, but will get that cost once I know and will make sure if ok before sending. Thanks!

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Where are you located?

San diego. 92117

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how much is shipping to nyc?

What zip code? And is that with battery or without?

10028 with

Looks like $85 through shipbikes with full insurance. Called them and confirmed ok. Would look to split shipping/paypal fees depending on your offer.

still for sale?

It is. Thanks

There’s a lot more buyers available over on the replacement forum. this place gets censored and has been dying as a result.

Thanks! It is over there also. Not too concerned as the world is pretty messed up right now. Be safe.

this still for sale?

Yes it is. Thanks

Have you tried putting street wheels on this setup?

I havent, but it could be done.

Board is sold. Mods please close the thread.