Trampa Complete Used EU

Infinity trucks, have some cosmetic damage nothing is bent Comes with a few replacement bearings idk how many honestly You will need to make/buy the mounting screws Probably a one or two replacement spring holder plastic thingies will come as well I also have a waterproof case and some mounts that were converted from vertigo to infinity and will need a washer between them and the trucks to fit properly These need to be found to take pics of them :smiley: Send me your offers pic gallery



Where you based @Acido?

According to his profile, Croatia

How much ground clearance does it have? How long are the axles?


i think the clearance is around 9 cm

Yes, I live in Croatia

hi is it still for sale and how much are you asking

I dont know how much is this worth honestly

I paid 200+€ for it, not accepting anything under 200

okay thanks :slight_smile: can you find out a shipping quote to Denmark ?

Sure I will in a day or two when Im back home :slight_smile:

Thanks bro