Trampa: Custom Li-on battery

TL:DR, I looking for an American builder or business to build, sell, and ship…

  • A battery system that cleanly fits and adapts to the Trampa Monster Box and their two individual VESCs. I do understand that this is an expensive endeavor, but obviously something reasonably priced.

  • 12s7p 18650 battery pack, thinking around 900wh capable of at least 100A. If the math checks out, it’s Samsung 30Qs as usual. If something can be achieved with 21700s with similar capacity and amperage while making do with the enclosure space, that also works.

  • Includes an installed and sufficient BMS. I’m aware that there are BMSs with different behaviors, but I’m not too knowledgeable of the specific functions, so whatever fits the Trampa build I guess.

  • Includes XT90 connections, charge port, and charger. Not too worried about the amperage or charge speed of the charger, so if it helps me save a buck, so be it.

Hello. I’m rather unfamiliar with this forum and I know that Trampa has been a “touchy” subject recently, but I recently bought the Open Belt Drive model from them before I was aware of the controversy.

The board uses the Monster Box, which can supposedly fit 12s7p 18650s, though Apex customs managed 12s8p. I don’t have the skills, equipment, energy, or even time to craft my own battery with a BMS and necessary XT connections, so I’m wondering if there are any American businesses like Apex and/or builders that can produce and sell me one that fits hassle-free in the Trampa. Any sort of help and advice is greatly appreciated as I cannot find a conclusive thread on the matter. I didn’t want to consult the parts market thread just yet since this isn’t a finalized purchase decision or anything, just wanna see where I can go with this.

Obviously didn’t wanna go with the lipo route due to li-on’s greater capacity per gram at large volumes, and the hassle of manual balance charging.