Trampa Dampas in Oz?

Hello Australian friends.

I was wondering, does anyone have any green or red Trampa Dampas they’d be willing to sell? I’m rocking the yellows screwed all the way down but I still find them a bit sketchy at speed and would prefer some tighter suspension. They’re only $4 each from Trampa but the postage is nearly $20 with a long lead time.

Anyone got any they wanna part with or do a trade? I have the yellows ones, and also black Hypa hubs, footstraps and a 12ply deck if anyone wants to get some trade ins happening.

Also, has anyone used the Trampa Booty Wrap? My coccyx is buggered! I was thinking if I do have to order from the UK I’d buy one but they make the postage even more expensive so it would be good to know if they’re worth grabbing if I can’t find any dampas locally.



Hey @DanSkates

Can you check to see if Hillbilly hip pads are available in your area?

I love mine. Heal quick man :slight_smile:

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Thanks brother much appreciated! It actually happened 4-5 months ago now, but everytime I fall on my coccyx it’s sore again for at least a week! That’s actually one of the reasons I’ve not been riding the BMX parks because the mud in australia is like friggin concrete and it canes like hell :tired_face:

I actually looked into these and nearly pulled the trigger - they get good reviews. The only problem with my current crash pants is that when I fall over they pull down slightly and the pads don’t cover my coccyx so there’s basically no protection there at all. Do these stay in place when you fall? If they do I’ll prbabaly grab a pair as the coccyx plate on these looks pretty beefy.

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So these are meant to be worn high on the belly, to cover the coccyx, and illiac crest of the hip, and also cover the bum and the hip joint(femur ball).

I haven’t had a problem with them sliding down - except when I first started wearing them, and was wearing them to low. They’re made to tie around the true waist( belly button).

While my pants waist sits basically in between the illium crest pad and the femur pad. I was really picky picking hip pads because I have broken my coccyx, and my illium, so hip protection is my most prized pad, aside from my knees.

If your comfortable wearing pads under pants instead of over, these have save my hips on multiple occasions.

(I tried protecs , gform and triple 8 before these and ended up returning them because I simply didn’t feel protected over my previous injuries).


@Deckoz I really appreciate you taking the time to provide this review buddy - you’ve sold them to me!

I’ve owned Demon and G-form and they’ve been useless for the same reasons you’ve mentioned so I’ll be sure to grab a set of these. I’ve never fallen badly on my hip but as I’m getting older I’m realising that if you do it once that part never fully heals so prevention is defintely preferred!

Again…thanks bro!

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Wish I could have told that to 19 year old me 11 years ago drunken matress surfing down stairs… Lol

Anytime man, I wish I could MTB like you :wink:

Also I hope I didn’t derail your thread.


Lol - thanks dude!

No derailment at all - if I don’t end up with Dampas i got some awesome advice on pads which I wasn’t expecting :wink:

I just checked if it´s cheaper if i buy them for you and send them down in a maxi-letter, but it´s about the same in total as if you would buy them. Maybe @trampa could help you out with a cheaper tracked-letter shipping? :slight_smile:

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@DanSkates - lovin’ the Aussie content on this forum and also been watching what you’ve been doing - well done mate. I just purchased a few more things from Trampa. Wish I would have read this earlier as I would have included those dampers in my order for you. I’m sure to be ordering something else again soon so maybe we could bundle the stuff together and have it shipped in the one package?

@Deckoz - great tip on the Hip Pads. Also being of the ‘older’ generation, I think I’ll be grabbing a pair of these as well. I’ve fallen on my ass a few times over the years for various reasons and I certainly don’t ‘bounce’ as easily as I used to.

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Thank you Torben - I appreciate you looking into that. It’s all good, the postage isn’t too bad, just seems silly to pay to only get those parts, but I’ll maybe get a few more bits and pieces shipped at the same time if there’s no-one in Oz with the goods :wink:

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everytime bro :wink:

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Thanks @ArmandR - I’ve been having a blast on the electric mountainboard I gotta say!! Oz is such a wiked country to ride in too - we’re very lucky :blush:

Thanks for the offer - I would definetely gone in one postage! No worries, I’m not in a huge rush so I’ll see how this thread pans out over the next few days and give you a shout if I order anything. Likewise, If you do decide you need anything extra just let me know and I’ll have trampa throw it in the box and I’ll send it on to you :grinning:

Yup thanks @Deckoz I’ll also add them to the shopping cart :slight_smile:


@Deckoz - I’m gonna drop them an email to let them know that you’ve put at least 3 orders there way!!! I see you getting your own ass sponser! :sweat_smile:

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i could do with a couple sets of harder dampas Dan, i’ll chip in if you like?

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Sweet - for sure!! What colour do you wanna go for? I also have @nowind working on a top secret project at the moment (he’s such a FUCKING LEGEND! :joy:) and when that’s complete I should have another E-TOXX order coming my way. I’ll ask him to send us the bushings too and post yours out with your dampas if you like? What mm do you need?

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Lol shipping small trampa items in EU is also very expensive. Needed bearings also payd like 20bucks shipping. Don‘t ask why i need them.

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Ouch! Yeah that sucks just for bearings. Having sold a few items internationally now though I know their hands are tied - it’s just VERY expensive! It doesn’t feel too bad on large orders but when you’re getting small items it’s just not cost effective. Hence group buys! Your bearings should really have gone in a padded envelope though which should have been heaps cheaper…

JensoBro has a full set of everything coming my way, ESC box, decoder rig for my scorpions… everything :wink:


We should defo combine on JensoBro :wink:

Looks like Project ‘Encoder’ isn’t so secret after all! :joy: