Trampa Day Walker | NoWind Direct Drive | 12S6P 30Q

Here I am again, starting another build. While waiting in the motors from China to finish up the Jet Potato, and a rear truck solution for the Icarus drivetrain. I’ve decided that I want to build a full MTB, with an already strong arsenal of street boards that are completed or soon to be completed. Watching @DanSkates and @rich jumping stuff and taking it outside the norm. I present… The plans of the Day Walker.

I originally was going to use an MBS Pro 90, but as it is discontinued I will be starting with a 14ply Trampa HS11 as the base. So let’s get to it. I will add pictures as things start arriving.

  • Deck: Trampa Holy Pro

  • Front Truck: Trampa Ultimate White w/ Blue text Baseplate, 16" Vertigo ATB Hangar, White Springs, 75A Dampas, @Nowind Duffman Spacers

  • Rear Truck: Trampa Ultimate White W/ Blue textBaseplate, 16" Infinity Hangar Milled by @Nowind, White Springs, 75A Dampas

  • Foot Straps: MBS F5 Pro Straps & F5 Heel Straps

  • Motors: Alien Power Systems 6384 170Kv

  • Drivetrain: @Nowind Mini Direct Drive 4:1 Blue, Encoder Mounts, and Helical Gears

  • Wheels: Superstar Rims White with blue text, anodized blue spokes, 8" Trampa Mudders or 6.5" Urban Treads

  • Speed Controllers: Enertion Focbox, with @Kug3lis Dual Finned Case, and MTB mount.

  • Battery: 12S6P Samsung 30Q

  • Remote: TBD, forgot to order it with the motors…

  • Bluetooth: MetR module @rpasichnyk

UNDETERMINED Battery Box: I like my builds to look good…so haven’t decided what I want, but will definitely be top mounted…

Really looking forward to stirring some mud…


Apart from stirring mud, you’re certainly going to stir some interest with a build like that. Sounds very impressive. I’m keen to see this all start to unfold.


For this sick looking build I even would recommend instead of superstars :stuck_out_tongue: More rigid :smiley:


They may be a future upgrade. I’m a feather weight. Should I deem the superstars unfit… Your wheels would be the first I go to. But for now…we’re already talking about an expensive build :slight_smile: so we’ll see after I beat on it…

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It’s only 15€ more per wheel so I just suggest instead spending two times spend once :smiley:

But I am not good salesman :joy:


Haha. My main concern is really the weight. I’m only 8.5 stones…and gonna have to muscle a 2 stone board :joy::joy:


THIS IS GONNA BE SOOOOOO GOOD!!! What a sweet ass shopping list! :star_struck:

Have you bought your deck yet? I went with 16ply based on my weight 80-85kg (depending on how many pies I am or am not eating at the time! :smile:) and wish now I’d have gone with the max - 17ply as I bottom my board out regularly and it has some pretty gnarly war wounds. I have to say it doesn’t ‘feel’ too much like I’m bottoming out though, and landings are always soft. However, I’d recommend thinking about going more plys as these things are so flexy and I personally believe if it’s a bit stiffer then that’s better.

See my flex vid here for a 12 ply deck. This would have been completely impossible to turn into an eMTB as it bottomed out just riding down small dirt slopes:


No I haven’t gotten the deck yet… I’m only 58kg. When my buddy had a 14 ply street Carver I didn’t even bend it… though there was no jumping involved…

Maybe 15 then?


Oh wow - you are a carrying a bit less weight :wink:

I’ll let some of the other guys chip in to see what they recommend (@trampa) but I think if they did a 20ply deck I’d be quite intersested as I like the dampening of the flex but too much doesn’t feel great for freestyle. That said, my current level of flex feels beautiful for carving so I guess it’s about getting the balanace.

If you’ve already been on a 14ply deck and it felt good then that’ll probabaly be a good fit for you :blush:

Gotcha…I don’t know what a Carver vs a hs11 would feel like but figured similar. I never jumped the board, or jumped on the board… but standing on it normal, on either end or in the middle and bobbling didn’t make it flex at all really.

Kiteboard decks have all been wood, so don’t have much comparison knowledge for a full glass fiber deck for freestyle.

@trampa Frank what do you think? 58kg?

Is that including all your gear? With everything you’d probably be pushing 60kg.

Just a question but how come you use kg for measurement? I thought you were in US

Nope, just me with street cloths on. But yea I’m US, but Dan said kg so I responded in kg… lol

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Oh wow, my 16 or 17 dont remember the ply does not bend that much at all :smiley: I am 82kg

Sounds like a serious project from the scratch, looking forward to see a flying @Deckoz :sunglasses:

I would buy the HolyPro deck, same shape but lighter and IMO better looking, a pro need holes :wink:

Do you plan to modificate the hanger or why the Carve Baseplate?

Well, it’s very dificult to say which is the perfect ply for you, it also depends if you like flex or not (I like it). I’m 74kg /11.6stones and have a 14ply carver and a 16ply holypro deck. The 14ply carver deck is like a trampoline, really flexy, maybe I would choose the 15ply now. The 16ply Holypro deck feels stiffer but has still a nice flex but I would choose a 15ply now. I like the pop of the deck to lift the board but of course too much flex is not good for jumping.

If you like flex I think the 14ply could be a good choice, otherwise take the 15ply.

Sick! So funny these diverse opinions… But I’m sure even the 20ply would even flex a little…

I also think for big jumps a slightly stiffer deck would be better but for anything else I prefer more flex.

BTW I have a new trampa sticker but it makes no sense to attach it.

Dude, that’s you? Saw this vid last year, epic flex and very good skills, man that 360 :drooling_face: and can’t believe how high you jump from the ground, did you hang on a hidden tree or what?.


So, pelican cases or the like seems to be the go to. I do know they make colored cases, which you tend to design boards that look good and have matching colors. Possible to get a box that fits well with the rest of the colors of the board. Some sort of custom enclosure would certainly look cool but the ruggedness of a case on a off-road board would really hold up to plenty of abuse.

But I would love to see a rugged custom battery box.

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Hahahaha thanks bro - yeah i bought that board cheap off Gumtree and rode it for a bit. I have some hidden footage riding that board at a skatepark which is hilarious as I bail constantly! Couple of nice falls in a bowl too. I recorded it so i could remember why I motorised my board and also see my improvement in skill level. I’ll knock the footage together at some point soon and share it with you guys for fun!

Btw…that board was really for kiting so it was super light which is why it was sooo easy to jump and spin :wink:


haha, I didn’t like the holes…Was just gonna do grip. But thats a good point.

The baseplate and kingpins are all the same size, but the carve baseplate has an innner spring position. I am not sure how it will play out, but on my buddies carver build the outer springs seemed strong. I want the option to play with the position. It’s what @Eboosted did on his I think 2nd phoenix…

I see… that’s a valid point. I reduced the area of griptape to the absolute minimum, it’s very easy to clean now with less grip.

Me, too! Do it Deckoz, do it!

Personally I use a Pelicase 1150 but don’t like the look at all. On the other hand it’s bullet proof with 4mm (1/8inch) ABS shell, a sumo wrestler could jump on it without worries. But I plan to build smaller swappable custom cases in the future.

Just to demonstrate it, first pic is my 12s 8Ah Graphene Lipo with bestech BMS naked, second pic hurts my eyes but this is how it looks with the case :roll_eyes:

I know, good choice for optional future updates but I wouldn’t drill the inner position holes in the hanger before you are sure you need them. The problem is when you have loose trucks it’s very nice for slow speed carving but for offroad, jumping and higher speed not really. I had 2 rides without yellow dampas on the front truck and enjoyed the nice turning radius but had a scary speed wobble at about 40km/h (25mph) and it felt too spongy for offroad. But with your weight the inner spring position with yellow dampas could be also perfect, who knows. I’m curious which position you choose in the end.

@Eboosted mainly rides on streets and without bindings, inner spring position is perfect for this usage.


The inner spring position is great for street or occasional offroading buy in fact kinda wobbly at 45km/hr, below that is completely fine and fun.

What we need is a truck that stays going straight at subtle steering, and steers a lot more with less weight.

This could be achieved by reducing the angle the deck/truck and reducing the tension on the springs, the final outcome would be a more stable board at high speed with plenty of steering even at low speeds.

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Having recently ridden a Bajaboard this was one of the things that impressed me the most about it. The suspention feels stiff when you’re going fast but has a decent turning radius still. It’s almost like it responds based on how much effort you put in - if you know what i mean? You edge hard and you get a lot of steering, but if you don’t edge at all it just stays straight.

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