TRAMPA E-MTB conversion kit for sale

Hi, I have the following kit for sale contains all parts you will need. Bargain reduction for black Friday and 3 available for £ 699 :

Kit 2 contains :

2 x Our easy to fit Motor bracket assembly.

2 x Motor gear cogs

2 x 50 mm Outrunner senor brushless motors ( motor cables are 58 cm long )

Complete Battery box with ESC controller- Sine wave soft start powerful 150 amp custom built PCB and 16 ah li battery included!

24 volt Lithium charger

Bolt kit and drilling template

2.4 GHZ Remote control

2 x drive belts

2 x wheel gears (to fit Trampa Hypa wheel hubs)

email : [email protected]

This price includes shipping worldwide

Here is a image of our 63 mm Motors they look bad ass in black.

The red motor is our 50 mm motor so you can see the difference

burn out with 63 mm motors

check our blog or website

hmmm… black motors… i like black motors.

Thanks yea I love these black 63 mm they look cool and are sensored as well as been more sealed to dust and dirt than other motors which is handy. ( less vent holes)

PS if anyone wants to buy these message me.

That burnout video made me think of how cool it would be to have a drift race with electric longboards. Has anyone tried using slide wheels on your builds?

I think black motors increase the speed by somewhere around 10% per motor. At least that’s what I’ve heard.:wink:


17% if the black is a metric shade. SAE blacks are less efficient.

I was looking at those kits but my fat butt needs 63 motors 73 would be better. LOL

Hi Monster, we are only doing the kits with 63 mm motors now. The specs are below I weigh 95 kg and there is more than enough torque and power. 3500 watts, 4N.M, 280 KV x 2 63 mm including the motor dust caps and gear dust cover. Price is £669.99 for full kit everything you will need.

Thanks @skatehead Those are definitely one of my considered setups for my upcoming build. I am at the gym more regularly now dropping my excess cargo but my current 2m by 130kg frame I know is at a disadvantage for most set ups. Oh I can ride but keeping up with the Lewis Hamilton’s of the neighborhood (my kids) requires a larger set of turbos.

Any R&D work in the direction of hub motors for those wheels. I figure with their larger diameter it would have tremendous torque available.

Hi Monster, no problem. Have you considered a 4 x 63 mm power plant ? that would be seriously powerful. and 4WD ! That would give you some serious power to keep up :slight_smile: with ya kids and kick ass on mountains/hills. If you are interested I will get you a price for 2 x trucks with motors mounted and also the electric system to run it then you would just have to bolt them on to a deck and add a battery of your choice.

PS here is the twin 63 mm board in action

Scramboards 63 mm “Sealed casing” Outrunner motors 300 kv Completely dust sealed for sale ! no open casings where dust and debry can enter. Manufactured specifically for skateboards with Japanese’s bearings.